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Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Shot During Traffic Stop

A Pennsylvania State Police corporal was shot several times while exchanging gunfire with a suspect during a traffic stop Tuesday morning, and the suspect was also wounded, authorities said.

The shooting happened on a highway in Plainfield Township, Northampton County, about 65 miles north of Philadelphia. The corporal was outside his vehicle when he traded gunfire with the suspect, police said .

Shot and wounded, the suspect fled in a blue Pontiac sedan and drove himself several miles to Easton Hospital, where he was taken into custody. Police said he was being treated for gunshot wounds.

The corporal was flown to a separate hospital where police said he was being treated for “multiple gunshot wounds.” His name and condition weren’t immediately released.

Police gathered evidence from suspect’s car, which was parked near the emergency room entrance and appeared to have its rear window shot out. It was later put on a flatbed and taken away.

Gov. Tom Wolf said in a statement that he and his wife were “praying for this trooper, the family and every member of the Pennsylvania State Police.”


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