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Kiddush Hashem! NYC Subway Rider Is Inspired By Jewish Man Learning Torah

Dan Lavoie was riding the train in New York when he noticed an Orthodox Jewish man pull out his Gemara and start learning. He shared a photo and his thoughts on twitter:

Lavoie is a speechwriter for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

(Nat Golden – YWN)

13 Responses

  1. It looks like a Mesivta ver.
    Yes, you got to love our fellow brothers & sisters, where ever we go we have the opportunity to create a great Kiddush Hashem!!! This man will forever be remembered!!

  2. If you really think this is kiddush hashem; you’ve been living in a cacoon. The only thing that impresses people is good character; being polite, saying please/thank you. A smile and a warm greeting; holding the door. NOT CUTTING IN LINE. It’s time for members of our yeshiva community to recalibrate our hanhagos with the members of the outside world. If you doubt me, speak to anyone in the “working world”,

  3. to heimishe
    i dont cut in lines or any of the other you mention , neither do i know of others…you hateful thing…now there is sometimes one forgets himself and thats what you see and remember…because you hate ehrlicher yidden

  4. Heimeshe,
    You seem to be missing the point. The article did not state that because of this act, everyone will look favorably at frum Jews, in which case you would be right. Rather, it says that this act was a kiddush Hashem, a public display of one’s devotion to Hashem, which it was. What other people do does not undo the value of this mitzvah. Plus, kiddush Hashem and chilul Hashem are not about public relations, but about doing the right thing, which does include derech eretz but much more. In your view, a frum-looking Jew waiting patiently on line at McDonald’s would be doing a kiddush Hashem, whereas the opposite is true. See Yoma 86a.

  5. heimishe,
    While all the nasty things you noted may sometimes amount to a chilul Hashem, this man learning is no less a kiddish Hashem. What really is a chilul Hashem, is someone like you downplaying his kiddish Hashem, and putting forth the “feeling” that most Jews in heimishe neighborhoods are guilty of the nasty behavior you described, which is simply to true. Think about it, if thinking is something of which you are capable.

  6. It appears that since I’m only Heimish and not Yeshivish, my comment is deemed “not tzum zach”, to be denigrated and ridiculed. Any wonder why there is resistance in Jackson, Mahaw, Toms River and Brick?

    Just because I’m an ehrlicher yid, doesn’t mean I can’t point out room for improvement. Have you ever opened up the sefarim of the Alter frum Kelm, Reb Yerucham, or sichos of R. Chaim Shmelevitz. Note that I did not ask about the Alter fun Slbodka or Pachad Yitzchok; far dem darf men haben seichel

    Your comment shtimt with someone vas halt fun zich roshvrishon

    Nu, my point is made from all these comments. Derech eretz is the “third din” that the Rav never spoke about. Chaval

    Correction, Its about Derech Eretz and more; The reason for the chutzpa nowadays is because of krumkeit that you and your ilk espouse

    koidem kal, I’m a litvishe; hard to relate. Where did you get this “most Jews in heimishe neighborhoods” from? I reread my comment and its not there. Frankel also doesn’t bring it from other girsos. Shver

  7. heimishe
    cut the baloni and dont make no point. nobody asked for your musserdroshe.
    what galitzianer an we said stands. its only ehrlicher people haters like you, yoneson and co make such comments.

  8. ….to not so heimish
    …….. and by pointing out ‘mahwah, toms river etc’ shows your not heimish litvish just a hateful non shomrei torah troll

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