HATE IN LONDON: Van Driver Tells Chareidi Man ‘Hitler Was Great’ [VIDEO]



A truck driver passing through London’s predominantly Chareidi neighborhood of Stamford Hill, rolled down his window and began yelling Anti-Semitic statements at a number of Jewish residents.

“Hitler was a great man, he knew what he was doing,” said the driver who seemed to be from a Carribean background based on his accent. “You Jews think you own the world? You don’t own the world. This is Stamford Hill, not Israel,” the driver shouted.

The incident occured on Friday, just before the start of Shabbos.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact Met Police and Stamford Hill Shomrim.

Stamford Hill has seen a lot of ugly anti-Semitic incidents in recent months, many of which YWN has reported on.

The British government, having recognized the increase in anti-semitic acts in the country, have allocated 11 million pounds to fight anti-semitism and to strengthen the security of the Jewish communities throughout England.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. What a jerk. Hitler was a great man — even when he bombed the daylights out of London and Britain during the “blitz” 1940-41?? And might have eventually subdued Britain completely without Hashem’s and the United States’ intervention? That fool doesn’t realize that the Nazis would have treated a man of color like they treated all the other “untermentchen.”

  2. 1) Some of you commentators have posted disgusting comments! Why do you need to stoop to this ignorant and arrogant black man’s level? Do you overlook the thousands of black individuals that are the antithesis of this pathetic anti-Semite?
    2) I’m gathering that this ignoramus has never read Mein Kampf or studied the history of World War Two. If he had any idea about Hitler’s view of Blacks and “their contamination of the white race” he probably not be so quick to call him “a great man”. I’m guessing the possibility that this man is illiterate.
    Perhaps someone should tell him that Hitler (Y.S.) wrote the following, “Jews were responsible for bringing Negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate.” (Someone might have to explain to this intellectually challenged individual that this means that Hitler saw Blacks as being being inferior to Whites (placing them at the bottom of the rung. In other words, he saw Blacks as a stupid and lowly race.)
    Also, although Hitler didn’t have blacks killed out for the most part (I’m assuming that was due to not feeling them to be a threat based on their already low status in society and lack of climbing the ladder of success), non-the-less he did launch a quite campaign to sterilize the offspring of mix-marriages and a public campaign discriminating against Blacks and discouraging mix-marriages.

    All this, of course, will not prevent this low life from remaining Anti-Semitic, but it may at least make him realize to keep his mouth shut so as not to reveal how stupid and arrogant he really is!

    I just feel sorry for all the intelligent successful Black people I’ve known over the years. They must get extremely frustrated seeing stupid people like this tarnishing their race.

  3. hitler hated blacks

    also black people are a tiny minority in the united kingdom. about 2 percent. You see more blacks in israel than in the uk

  4. Not to take the discusting jew haters side but i wonder what this yid did to make him that angry…or perhaps he said it out of true hatred. We need to be very carefull the way we drive the world looks at our every move..very dangerous ways to make a chillul Hashem

  5. Takes2-2tango When and where. Satmar does not go with the plo you are talking about Neutri Karta which Satmar is totally against for going against the treife medina