Multiple Jewish People Missing Kidneys After Undergoing Bariatric Surgery In Mexico


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At least four Frum individuals from the New York area are missing a kidney, after going to Mexico for “Bariatric Surgery”. One of them is from Rockland County.

A highly credible source – including one of the victims – has confirmed to YWN that in all the incidents the victims didn’t feel well after returning to New York, and had some testing done. All of them were found to be missing kidneys.

Many people have been flying to Mexico to have the procedure done there, as some insurance companies in the United States don’t easily cover the costs. Some patients get denied by their insurance company for the surgery in the U.S., and instead opt to have it done in Mexico for less than half the cost.

The average cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico by procedure is:
Lap Band – $3,000 to $6,500.
Gastric sleeve – $4,000 to $9,000.
Gastric bypass – $6,500 to $11,000.

A lap band surgery in the U.S. will cost anywhere between $10,800 and $30,000.
A gastric bypass surgery in the US costs $ 25,000–$35,000.
In the US an average gastric sleeve is priced at US $ 20, 000.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of organ harvesting in Mexico during one of these procedures – please contact YWN.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was originally published accompanied by a generic image of a surgeon’s operating facility. Readers claim to have identified the clinic associated with that photo. YWN has removed that photo, and was in no way intending to implicate any particular doctor with the allegations in this story, nor was any doctor, hospital or clinic ever named in this article.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. As a physician I can say this story sound very suspicious because logistically speaking it doesn’t make sense. One is intraperitoneal and one is retroperitoneal. Which means the area where those incisions are done are in different exit sites. Show me the imaging scans and I will believe it versus just a rumor and someone in Monsey who confirmed the rumor.

  2. Um I think YWN should check Snopes or other old internet archives to see that this story is baloney. All you need is google search. Like the doctor said it is almost impossible to do such a thing.

  3. To recap:

    The same people who wouldn’t hire a doctor to treat a splinter without a hundred references traveled to a foreign country to have surgery in a hospital they don’t know the name of, for major open surgery by doctors they don’t know the name of, and instead, had a physically impossible procedure of having an organ removed in a way that it can’t be done.

    And instead of contacting the police and/or national media, they contacted YWN.

    Sounds about right

  4. All you naysayers. This story is 100% true. I know one victim. This is not even a question that it is true. The person is not well right now and dealing with a kidney specialist.

    It’s like the Flatbush fire when there were reports that it was a Menorah fire…. and every idiot started with their theories. “How can a menorah be lit at 2AM….why would it still be lit…. Why is the second floor more burned then the first floor…..”

    Every person is a fire marshal now.

    We all know it was Menorah now. And this kidney story is 1000000% true – a least with one victims.

  5. So we got to the bottom of it.

    A woman from Monsey had an adverse reaction during surgery where her kidney was affected, and she is in bad shape.

    No 4 women, no kidney harvesting, no crimes were committed.

    The “organ harvesting story” as reported is a complete hoax with just a grain of truth.

  6. Chayala -“All you naysayers. This story is 100% true. I know one victim. This is not even a question that it is true. The person is not well right now and dealing with a kidney specialist.”

    I’m in the medical field and I believe the story!

  7. Why can’t it be? they made another incision while the patient was still under anesthesia? That’s all. Sounds very believable (and probable too knowing what goes on in Mexico) to me.

  8. I’m concerned about the eating and exercise habits of frum people that they need this type of surgery and it not being covered by insurance. I think people should eat less and exercise more and these surgeries would not be needed!

  9. ChayalaL please check your “facts” before casting aspersions on people. How pray tell did the 3rd floor burn first, then the 2nd and then the ground floor if it was from the Menora? Much like the Sasson family tragedy which was confirmed was not from the hot plate as everyone claimed.

  10. Hi, I am a general surgeon. This is virtually impossible, coming from someone who does both of these operations. One is intraperitoneal and one is retroperitoneal. one is done with the patient supine, the other with the pt prone. Id love to see the op reports for these sham operations. If it was true …it would be on mainstream media. Seriously. if someone removed my kidney against my will, Id probably be calling CNN before the yeshivaworld. Is organ trafficking a worldwide problem? definitely. but you dont go to a real hospital (outside of china and some other parts of asia), consent to a gastrectomy and leave with a nephrectomy instead.

  11. I had mine done by a reputable surgeon in a first-class NY hospital, which was a disaster and has left me partially incapacitated. What these poor people have gone through is horrific. The place SHOULD be named, American doctors should know to warn patients of these practices. And I am willing to call out anyone who says “just stop eating.” I think if we could, we would have done that. I wish all these victims a refuah shleima.

  12. Seriously, editors?
    You are still insisting that people are having kidneys harvested laproscopicly, a physical impossibility, just somewhere else?
    Please share with us, where did it happen?

  13. Single Port Surgery!
    A Kidney CAN be removed laproscopicly, read below;
    (Generally, Kidneys are removed for donation through a 4inch cut, BUT, some surgeons will do it laproscopicly – and if lots of money is involved, it’s probably a good choice)
    (Also, some weight loss surgeons also do kidneys transplant surgeries weekly)

    Single-port surgery is a form of minimally invasive – laparoscopic – surgery. In traditional laparoscopic surgery a telescopic rod connected to a video camera, or laparoscope, is inserted through a small incision in the abdomen. Three to five additional small incisions are made and used as “ports” in which to insert instruments to remove a kidney, for example, or to repair the urinary tract. Because laparoscopic surgery usually results in fewer complications and a more rapid recovery, patients often can return home the same day.–single-port-surgery


    Here in NY, these days (`17) the other method of removal is preferred by surgeons. (the one with the 4 inch cut)
    I’m sure they have reasons why it’s better at this time.
    BUT ! !
    My point is – for the huge amount of money that a surgeon might make from selling a kidney removed illegally in Mexico, I guess that this “single port” option is the best idea…… which brings me to my next point….
    maybe that is the reason those cheated patients did not feel okay after surgery? Maybe this is not the best way to remove a kidney… Usually after kidney donation, the patient feels pretty okay…. a couple of weeks after donation, the donor doesn’t remember they a kidney is missing.

    The ONLY things all of us here can do NOW about this is:
    1) Venishmartem! Eat and sleep healthy….
    2) If you DO go to Mexico for Bariatric Surgery, keep this story in mind and take precaution!

    Refuoh Sholeima