NY Governor Cuomo ‘Ashamed’ At Failure Of US To Help Puerto Rico


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’s “ashamed” that this country failed to help Puerto Rico recover faster from last year’s hurricane.

The Democrat made the remarks Saturday during a rally in the Bronx with Puerto Rico’s Gov. Ricardo Rossello.

The New York governor wants more government money to be allocated to fund the island’s recovery. Cuomo says Trump administration officials showed what he called “disrespect” toward the people of Puerto Rico for not helping out more after Hurricane Maria, which left much of the island without electricity.

Politicians at Saturday’s rally included U.S. Rep. Jose Serrano, who noted that Puerto Ricans didn’t need Trump to toss paper towels at people in need last October at a hurricane relief center in the capital of San Juan.

About a third of Puerto Rico remains without power.



  1. I love it, another form of Trump bashing. Puerto Rico was in danger of losing their entire grid before the hurricane even happened. The island was desperately in debt and could not afford to update it for many many years. I heard about this even before the hurricane. Nebach for the people who were hurt or killed but for the island itself the hurricane enabled them to get billions of dollars in aid that they would never have gotten before. Stop kvetching and see how you can help!

  2. Puerto Rico was bankrupt for a long time. They never wanted to become a state. Where does Cuomo think billions will come from. Watch your own state, stop the outrageous taxes. He won’t become president.