Tragic Passing of Aryeh Leib Rothman, 31 [COMMUNICATED CONTENT]

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With a 6 month old baby in her arms, the doctors told them the news: Her husband, Aryeh Leib Rothman zt”l of Beit Shemesh, had an aggressive form of cancer.


During the months that followed, the Rothman home fell into a state of disarray. With Dad in the hospital, and Mom accompanying him through procedures, 5 small children were left with neighbors and babysitters. Their house sat hauntingly empty.


Aryeh Leib Rothman was known in the Mir Yeshiva community as a talmid chacham and baal chesed. His passing last week devastated those who knew him well. Left behind are a widow and five kids, the youngest of which is only one year old.


His widow, Rebbetzin Tziporah Rothman, is now solely responsible for raising and supporting her family. Just one week after her husband’s passing, she must leave mourning behind and focus on the family’s survival.

An emergency fund has been started with the goal of giving the family some security. They have suffered enough. Donations will be accepted here for a limited time.


The campaign page’s video shows an emotional young woman, surrounded by beautiful and melancholy children. They stare into the camera, unsure of the future.


“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you,” she says, as she blesses those who she prays will help her family. It is an emotional clip, and painful to watch.





  1. Yerushalmit
    February 4, 2018 7:44 am at 7:44 am
    THe parents of the Niftar live on my street – this is all true.
    Why in heavens would we think that its not true. Sorry but you make people doubt this terrible story when u write dumb comments like “this is all true”

  2. if anyone has a doubt whether they are giving for a worthy cause, let it be known, that at the shiva it was mentioned that no one can remember a time that he was late for davening. ever. never could anyone remember a time he rushed in saying a bracha. ever. a true eved Hashem that used every minute of his life for a good cause.