New Brunswick: Juveniles Plead Guilty in Desecration of Cemetery


cemetery111.jpgFour teenagers accused of vandalizing a Jewish cemetery, toppling hundreds of gravestones and damaging some beyond repair, pleaded guilty to all charges in connection with the damages.

The teens’ guilty pleas on charges including desecration, criminal mischief and trespassing will be followed by sentencing March 17, according to a report by the Asbury Park Press.

They face a maximum of one year of imprisonment for each count of conspiracy and desecration, and a maximum of two years for each count of criminal mischief.

The damage has been estimated to be between $500,000 and $1 million


  1. The PARENTS of these kids should get jail sentences for allowing their children to turn out like this. As for the kids themselves lock ’em up and throw away the key – wild animals belong behind bars.

  2. Ha ha 10/10 for humor, sammygol, as always. But we’re not talking about stam “getting into trouble”here. Parents who contribute to the moral breakdown of society by allowing their kids to grow up as WILD ANIMALS, hating Jews and lacking such basic human decency as respect for the dead – such parents surely deserve a hefty jail sentence. (And they certainly couldn’t have had much sympathy to Jews themselves.)

  3. I read in the news that they’re not counting this as a hate crime. That’s rediculous. Like they didn’t notice the herbrew or the magen-davids on the gates of the cemetary. They’re getting of easy.

  4. Hi there sammygol,
    Item C follows from B and I’m pretty sure the answer to those two is yes. But I do agree that my original post is valid only if the answer to all four is yes. Thanks for your constructive criticism!