Lithuanian PM Calls To Dismiss State Official Seeking To Re-Write History


The Lithuanian prime minister demands the dismissal of the state official for monitoring ethics in higher education after he called on students to write a paper dealing with Jews who killed people, and even offered a thousand euros.

The ethic overseer’s call came in October, after an interview by one of the best-known writers in the country raised doubts about the past of one of her national heroes, Adolphs Varga, and about his ties to the murder of Jews.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis is demanding the dismissal of the state’s ethics official, Vigilius Sadoska, who published a post on the Facebook page inviting students, students and teachers to write a paper on “Jews who killed people.” A source in the details said that the comptroller’s intention is to change the accepted pattern, according to which Jews were killed and not the other way around.

A few days ago, the matter was brought to the attention of one of the members of the parliament, Ausara Maldikina, who was furious at what Sadoska had published. They claim that they are not worthy of being written by a civil servant, and therefore demanded that he be fired as soon as possible

The speaker of the parliament summoned Sadoska for an urgent conversation, after which he issued a statement saying, “I have no doubt that he should submit his resignation.” He instructed the Education Committee to prepare an opinion that would reflect this position.

The response of Sadoska is also controversial: “A person resigns when he does something that is not right, negative or bad”.

“I do not think I hurt or caused anyone harm”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)