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UPDATED 12:20PM EST: Mushroom-Cloud Follows Massive Blast And Scares Texas

texas blast.jpg[INTERESTING UPDATE POSTED BELOW] An explosion rocked an oil refinery on Monday morning in a massive blast that shook buildings miles away from the refinery located in Big Spring Texas. The blast injured at least one person, Fox News reports.

All workers were accounted for about an hour after the explosion, and the injured person’s condition was unknown. The fire sparked by the blast was placed under control not long after the blast.

The scariest part of the ordeal was that the explosion sent a huge mushroom cloud and black smoke billowing into the sky. Resident felt an explosion, looked up, and seeing the mushroom cloud, feared the worst.

The explosion also forced the closure of schools, shut down an interstate highway and left residents shaking.

The refinery employs about 170 people and produces about 70,000 barrels a day.

UPDATE 12:20PM EST: YWN has learned, that this refinery, “Alon USA” is an Israeli owned company. The Executive Chairman of the Board is Mr. David Weissman – who served in the Israeli Air Force. Additionally, quite a few of the Corporate Officers in the company are Israelis.

Although it is unknown if they were in the refinery at the time of the blast, Mayor Russ McEwen tells the media that miraculously, there are no fatalities to report in this terrifying incident. 

(Photo: Fox News)

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  1. B”H Because it should be a sign that the Arabs Oil is being a theif of the world money.. They are robbing people freedom to visit relatives and a chance to visit Etz Yisroel??? Many people can’t visit their own families.. Maybe this is the sign that we should unwind of buying the Gas and start using Public Transportation or Walk and save.. We would make them loose more money.. They are making all our food and Housing prices raise to high is this enough??? Let speak it out loud to the Goverments who don’t realize how bad they are… By the way Pirkei Avos tell us the truth of understanding the Goverments don’t care about us..

  2. I think it’s safe to assume that if you see a mushroom cloud nearby it isn’t from a nuclear explosion — if it was, you wouldn’t.

  3. #2: Not really. Depends on how close you are and how big the device is.

    The folks who saw the Trinity mushroom cloud (the first man-made nuclear explosion), like Oppenheimer, lived for many decades after the event.

  4. It doesn’t compare to the Pepcon explosion. The ground ripples like it does in an undeground nuclear detonation. Vehicles over a mile away had their windshields blown out. It registered 3.5 on the richter scale.

    Search Youtube

    “The Pepcon Detonation”

    complete with Hebrew subtitles.

  5. #4 Maybe Hezbolla, but I hope not Hamas: The prevailing winds are from the west, so if a nuke goes off in Gaza, the radioactive cloud will fall on Israel, Ch”V.

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