WATCH: Jewish Father Of Murdered Parkland Student Slams Host For Discussing Gun Control, Not School Safety



Andrew Pollack, father of student Meadow Pollack who was killed during the Parkland high school shooting, slammed host Chris Wallace for focusing too much time on gun control and not enough on school safety.

“It’s not going to be fixed because I just heard what you said, what you are focusing on, polarizing this event, the murder of these kids. You’re talking about gun control,” Pollack told Wallace on this week’s edition of “Fox News Sunday.”

“I just had to listen to you and Gov. Scott talk about gun control. Gun control is a big issue. No one in America is going to come together on control, Chris.”

“You didn’t say one thing about fixing it!” the father exclaimed. “We can get together on school safety. But when you polarize it, this event and every other media — we don’t care about gun control right now. That’s a big issue in the country and you’re not going to get everyone together on it.”

“You’re just talking about gun control, which is going to just give you more ratings,” he continued. “Today it’s not about guns, it’s about the safety in our schools. And that’s what you ask Gov. Scott about and I got to listen to that at my house.”

Pollack made national headlines this week when he appeared at a White House listening session about gun violence hosted by President Trump. “I’m very angry that this happened, because it keeps happening,” the bereaved father said, declaring that 9/11 “happened once, and they fixed everything. How many schools, how many children have to get shot? It stops here, with this administration and me.”


  1. Whilst agreeing with the father, that we do need to protect the schools, the fact is that in the UK after Dunblane, handguns were banned and there hasnt been a school shooting since. BH. Same in Australia.

    If Americans want to keep their guns for protection and sports that is fine with proper checks etc. Assault weapons have no place in society except Law enforcement, army etc.

  2. I love how the host says 9/11 was “solved” by making it harder to bring guns on board an aircraft. The hijacking on 9/11 was done with either utility knives or box cutters. Increasing security was the “solution” (who knows if really perfect), not limiting guns.

  3. etzhar, get your facts straight:
    Number of school shootings in UK and Australia before the gun ban: 0. According to official statistics number of illegal guns on the street skyrocketed in US and Australia after the ban.
    RE: “Assault weapons have no place in society except Law enforcement, army etc.”. Right, we all just witnessed how well Law enforcement protected the school in Florida from mass shooting.