Shomer Shabbos US Soldier Killed In Iraq


army funeral.jpgYWN mourns the death of US Soldier Albert Bitton HYD – who was R”L killed in Iraq today. YWN spoke with Rabbi Matanky – who was Albert’s rabbi at Congregation K.I.N.S. of West Rogers Park, Chicago – and tells us that Albert was a Medic in the US armed forces, was Shomer Shabbos, and graduated the Ida Crown Jewish Academy (Chicago, IL) in 2005. Due to the circumstances, it will take some time until his body is flown back to the US, and the Levaya info has not yet been arranged.

Various Askonim are working feverishly to prevent any autopsy from taking place, and to expedite his Kevura.

Rabbi Matanky – who is also the Dean at the academy – says that Albert, who was studying in Public School as a youngster, had approached him for a pair of Tefillin for his Bar Mitzvah. The rabbi gave him a pair with one T’nai (condition). Albert must put on his Tefillin each day. Rabbi Matanky said, that in fact, Albert kept his promise, and put on his Tefillin each day.

Albert eventually enrolled in the Ida Crown Jewish Academy – where he remained until his graduation. “He was a true Baal Chesed, and kept a Shaychis (connection) with his teachers,” Rabbi Matanky said. “Even from Iraq, he would send emails.”

Sadly, this is the second graduate of the Ida Crown Jewish Academy who was a member of the US Armed Forces which was R”L killed in Iraq.

Yehi Zichro Boruch…..


  1. My daughter attends Ida Crown and I imagine it will be a major topic in school tomorrow. Boruch dayan emes! He should always be remembered as an American hero as well as a baal chesed.

  2. Could you please post a picture.
    Could you also post his hebrew name and that of his father, so we could learm Mishnayos for his neshamah.
    Also, there are several web sites to organize a global Mishnayos study, if someone would like to volunteer and set it up.

  3. Why only mention the Jews that are Shomer Shabbos that were killed in the war and not mention those Jews that are not Shomer Shabbos are they less worthy Jews?

    Editors Note: Kindly advise us when any Jewish soldier is R”L killed in Iraq, and we will post it. We are all counting on you.

  4. Please I am not a reporter you need to to seek the news and I read it!! There are many sources available to you to find out which Jewish Soldier were killed in this on-going war!!

  5. I am a former Chicagoan, living in Israel.
    Hearing news regarding the loss of Shomer-Shabat soldiers, (as well non-Shomer-Shabat) is not uncommon and very painful.
    The news that this happened in an Arab State is unusual.
    The loss of any Jewish soldier anywhere is a loss to Clal Yisrael, as well as to his/her immediate family.
    Tehi Nishmato Tzurara Betzror HaChayim.

  6. #13 your out of touch with reality.
    religious jews tend to be in touch with each other, and for that reason it made news on this website. i am positive any jew of any persuasion if the editor of this news blog would know about it he would put out for public consumption. the problem is your not in contact; not in shul, the mikvah, the parlor meeting;or the the yeshiva dinner .you really should be ashamed of yourself.