VIDEOS: Clinton At Home After Collapsing At 9/11 Memorial Event And Being Carried Into Her Van



Hillary Clinton is back at her suburban New York home, after having left the 9/11 memorial ceremony in lower Manhattan early because she was feeling “overheated.”

Clinton’s campaign says the former secretary of state arrived at her home in Chappaqua shortly before 2 p.m. The journalists who travel with her campaign were not there to witness her arrival.

Clinton left the annual remembrance event Sunday morning and headed to her daughter’s nearby apartment. She departed a short time later, saying she was “feeling great.” Wearing sunglasses, she paused to take a photo with a young girl before getting into her motorcade.

Videos of Clinton leaving the 9/11 event show her stumbling and needing help from staff to get to the van.

A Democratic congressman who stood behind Hillary Clinton at a Sept. 11 memorial ceremony says he chatted with the Democratic candidate beforehand and that “she did not seem out of the ordinary at all” although the conditions were “stiflingly hot.”

In a telephone interview, Rep. Joe Crowley of New York told The Associated Press that at one point, he saw what he thought was a staff member tap Clinton on her shoulder. The person “said something like, ‘We’re going to move now,'” Crowley said.

Crowley said that despite the temperate weather outside, heat was an issue for those standing on the cobblestones at the ceremony. He said he was sweating through his shirt.

“We were begging for some kind of wind,” Crowley added.