Bill Says Hill ‘Doing Fine’


clintBill Clinton says his wife is “doing fine” a day after she fell ill at a 9/11 memorial and was revealed to be suffering from pneumonia.

The former president said in an interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose that Hillary Clinton felt better by Monday night and got a “good night’s sleep.”

Clinton said she had gotten “dehydrated” at the ceremony in New York. Hillary Clinton left the event early and appeared to buckle as she was being helped into her motorcade. Her doctors later disclosed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

The former president said if there are more health problems that caused her apparent weakness Monday, “then it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors.”

He said that “on more than one occasion” over the years “the same sort of thing’s happened to her when she got severely dehydrated.”



  1. More Clinton lies. She either has parkinsons or vascular dementia or both and is incapable of functioning as President. Same reason she won’t give a news conference to avoid the seizures and zone outs caused by the camera flashes and the stress of simultaneous questioning.

  2. To No. 4 (aka Everyone’s crazy uncle)

    And your highly informed medical diagnosis is something we should all accept as torah moshe m’Sinai….I suspect you know about these conditions from personally, so please don’t project your pain and unfortunate experienced on other. A refuah shalamah to you or whomever is the source of your projections

  3. Bill, it’s unnecessary to make those claims – Hill already TOLD us that she’s feeling great when she walked out of Chelsea’s house on Sunday, so we KNOW she’s just fine! Of course, that’s before her campaign admitted that she has pneumonia, so you probably felt a need to make that superfluous statement. But rest assured, we all know that dear Hill and Bill always tell the truth. Just be wary of continuing to claim robust health and explain away the signs of illness. It may bring some of those folks in “the basket of deplorables” to proclaim that “The lady (and her man) doth protest too much, methinks”

  4. No Ms. Gagglehabora, its just reasonable conclusions by medical professionals based on publicly available videos of her seizures and “medical episodes”. No personal experience, sorry to dissapoint you. Also my father who is considerably older than Mrs. Clinton has had pneumonia a number of times and never did he have anything remotely resembling such a scene as happened on Sunday. The cover up can only go on for so long, eventually the truth emerges.

  5. Tippesh hador #5 , You must be getting something out of a Hellary win, payback of favors , programs , enrichments . nobody can be so idiotic without a $ motive. At this point i believe you would vote for her even if she was confined to a hospital bed , and you would still push your stupid logic .

  6. heard she may have a small lung cancer and in order to make it look not so bad they would siphon off some of the fluids from her lungs which caused her to faint in the heat.