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EPIC SHOWDOWN: Jew-Hating Black Woman Rants At Frum Man Over Racism On Packed NYC Train [VIDEO]

A black woman went on an angry rant at a Jewish man in the middle of a crowded New York City train as shocked commuters looked on.

The initial disagreement, caught on video and originally posted to twitter on Tuesday, was not caught on camera but it seemed the woman had made a comment about Jews after he chose not to give up his seat for another commuter.

The man demanded to know what she meant by ‘you guys,’ to which she shouted ‘because your family went through the holocaust?’ as the video began.

‘You said I was being racist so you tell me what I’m being racist towards. You’re Jewish, and I said if a Jewish family got on here, somebody would have got up – that is not a racist thing, that is a factual statement,’ she yelled.

‘Judaism is not a race, it is a religion.’

At one point the man tried to tell her calmly that he believed they were the same and shouldn’t be racist to each other, saying ‘I’m a person, you are a person’.

She replied: ‘No, we’re different, understand that. You wanna know why? Because your people treat my people different in our community.’

She accused Jews of refusing to rent to black people, but he responded by saying he didn’t even own a house.

The video concluded without the pair reaching an agreement.

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  1. I have to say that had this person got up and given his seat, it would have been a Kiddush Hashem. That he didn’t, clearly triggered the lady’s comments. Whilst she shouldn’t generaise, there are elements of her comments that are accurate. We need to improve our Hanhogos, L’Maan Shemo. Period.

  2. And you hear some more of her “race” in the background saying “she’s right”. Yep, like Rothschild manipulating the weather. These people are so self -centered, it’s not even normal.

  3. The lady didn’t take issue with him not getting up, she was talking to a (non-Jewish) family that we’re sitting down. Way to blame the victim.
    I happen to know this man, and he is a truly eidele ehrliche guy that truly personifies exactly what he answered back to this lady, and would never think of saying racist comments about “those people”…

  4. She seems to be about his age and healthy, so maybe he didn’t think of getting up. Anyway, he looks as if he’a standing. Are you saying that every Jew has to get up for every black in order to make a Kiddush H-shem? Jews shouldn’t sit?
    He should have told her that it’s only because of his people that her people got so far as they did in the U.S. The Jews were the main ones in the Civil Rights Movement.
    She’s obviously jealous and that’s the reason for the hatred. They were slaves, we were slaves. Look at us today, look at them. So they are jealous and hate us, but she should have some hakaras hatov, gratefulness, for what we did for them.

  5. Cant really make out what the argument was about but judaism /is not a race , we are a nation not a race.
    מי כעמך ישראל, עם ישראל חי.

  6. And Jewish democrats (at least the so-called frum ones) go along with these types of people. I’ll never understand it. Their days in the democrat party are basically over because this black woman is who they represent.

  7. To the idiots who defend black racist lunatic: before you start blaming your fellow Yid, get your facts straight: The Jew in the video did not have to “give up” his seat, he was standing when it happened. And if you think that “elements of her comments that are accurate” then you may be speaking about yourself.

  8. If it wouldn’t be for Jews who fought for civil rights in the early to mid 1900s, some states would still have open Jim crow laws. Jews taught black people how to lobby and unionize.

  9. Another game of semantics. Dictionaries on the web give a plethora of differing definitions for the word “race”. One example:

    > a class or kind of people unified by shared interests, habits, or characteristics

  10. From
    Are Jews a “Race”?
    By Tzvi Freeman
    While the Jewish people began with the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, many people have converted to become Jews over the millennia—beginning with the “mixed multitude” that came with us out of Egypt. Today there are African Jews, Japanese Jews, even Eskimo Jews. It seems difficult to call such a mixture a “race”.

    (Incidently, there is really no such thing as a “race.” The term “race” implies to most people that there are different categories of human beings based on their genetic makeup. The fact is that there is no basis in genetics for these distinctions. For example, an African from one family may have more in common genetically with a Swede than with another African.)

    What could be said is that we are a “family”. A family can adopt others as their own. But there are conditions to adoption. You need to keep the family rules. In our case, those rules have to do with the mission we were given at Mount Sinai over 3300 years ago

  11. If this woman wants a seat, simply take train opposite direction to 1st stop, and then take a seat, and keep it until stop she needs.

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