VIDEO & PHOTOS: Gang Of 5 Arrested At Evergreen Supermarket In Monsey – 1 Armed With Knife


A violent group of five males – one armed with a knife – were arrested at Evergreen Supermarket in Monsey on Thursday afternoon.

Sources tell YWN that earlier this week, the same group of teens drove their bikes into the supermarket, and started randomly taking things off the shelves. The manager tried to stop them, and questioned them about stealing, and chased them out of the store – leaving one of their bikes behind.

Ramapo Police and Chaveirim of Rockland were called, but the gang managed to get away.

The group arrived back at the store today, and demanded the bike back and began fighting. The store manager along with employees of the store managed to apprehend one of the suspects, as another one of them pulled out a knife and began threatening the store manager.

One of the suspects got real violent and threw anything he could find at the store manager. Most of the incident was captured on video and have been published below.

Ramapo Police and Chaveirim of Rockland responded, and successfully arrested all five of the suspects before anyone was injured.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. I don’t understand some of the Frum mentality. It’s not our job to arrest/detain perps! If s/o is violently threatened – take out Mace/Pepper spray and use it!

  2. im not from monsey and unfamiliar with the geography or layout of the town but why does it take so long for the dockland police to arrive had this perp had a gun it would be way too late by the time they arrived?
    i would say this should be investigated by IA as to the response time for this call

  3. ADWKL1: As yuu are not from Monsey, I will enlighten you. Over the past few years, Monsey has been overrun by thousands of Chasidim from Boro Park and Williamsburg, Unfortunately, this has caused our main thoroughfare, Route 59, which is only one lane in each direction with an emergency lane in between, to become a parking lot most of the time. Sadly, many of these folks have brought their horrible driving habits with them.
    Perhaps, I can make a special request here.
    1. The emergency lane is exactly that. Its not a lane for YOU to use because you’re too important to wait at the light like everyone else. I cannot tell you how many times ive seen guys racing up to the light and cutting everyone else off.
    2. Please STOP talking and texting while driving. Just yesterday, in a few short blocks, I counted at least 10 drivers, all driving fairly new cars, which all have bluetooth, talking on the phone. Accidents happen. Also, if you do get a ticket, its because its the law, not because the cop is an anti-semite.
    3. Maybe as a child you could not color between the lines, but please park between the lines. So many of you feel that its ok to take 2 spots. Be considerate of others.
    4. If you are, Boruch Hashem, not handicapped, PLEASE DONT PARK IN THE HANDICAPPED SPOT. It doesnt matter if you have a card for a family member if you are on your own. It won’t kill you to walk a few feet to your car.
    5. This one is extremely annoying: All the supermarkets have parking lots. There is NO reason that your husband to sit in front of the strore (blocking the lane) and wait for you to come out. Walk to the car and unload there.
    6. Lastly, using Evergreen as an example, the lane in front of the stores is a fire lane, not a lane for lazy bums who “just need to run in for a minute”. The minute is always a lot longer.

    Bottom line is, please be courteous and considerate of your neighbors.

  4. DWKL1, you say you’re not from the area, you don’t know the town or geography, but you’ll go ahead and comment anyway. I would say your comment is rendered ridiculous by your own admission.

  5. All of these supermarkets need to be armed with many tazers and other non violent measures. To protect the public until help arrives

  6. Ronald -“its legal to arrest perps”
    Who’s talking about legality?!?
    Read it again!
    “It’s not our job to arrest/detain perps!”

  7. “Got real violent,” eh? How’d that slip by proofreading? (I can understand “X, and Y, and Z” getting through.)

  8. mlyb2010 -“All of these supermarkets need to be armed with many tazers”

    It’s illegal in NY to own a taser for individuals.

  9. @yitzchokm, you are obviously to stupid to have read what i wrote and seen that is s request for civility. Second, it is obvious that you are exactly the kind of person i was referring to; a self centered jerk who doesnt care about anyone but himself. So yes, for people like you, i am an anti semite. Too bad your rebbeim and parents didnt teach you manners.

  10. This article is inaccurate because I know for a fact that at least one of the teens ran away from Evergreen, and I witnessed a squad car racing in the escapee’s direction with sirens blaring. So even IF that one was found & arrested, it wasn’t at Evergreen.

  11. Now that you’ve see the vids, I would like to add a caution for everyone to tread very carefully. In these volatile times, relatively minor incidents can have a way of snowballing, even if not now, then eventually. Just consider what has been going on in Crown Heights.