UPDATE – THUGS IDENTIFIED: Hasidic Kids Terrorized In Williamsburg [SHOCKING VIDEO]


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The attached footage was taken by a group of thugs on a Williamsburg street. Not only was this pack of animals looking to deliberately terrorize Hasidic children, but they then boasted about it by proudly posting video to social media.

One child they sent running for his life looks to be not older than 5-years-old, while another was just 13-years-old. The suspects can be heard laughing gleefully as they chase and frighten their innocent victims.

The 5-year-old runs so fast, he drops his scooter that he had been riding down the street before being attacked. The troubling incident happened in the heart of Williamsburg’s Hasidic community.

Thankfully, no one was physically assaulted by this terrorist gang.

Sources have confirmed to YWN that the NYPD is looking into the incident, and are looking to speak to the victims.

Some of the thugs can be easily identified as Bryan Jackson and Jāyy Bıntrééshin, as they proudly shared the videos on public Facebook pages and boasted about “Always botherin these jews bad😭”

Additionally, when a concerned Jewish man direct messaged Jackson to call him out for his disgusting behavior, he appeared totally unconcerned that he may be arrested. See his responses in the attached screenshots:

See video below, posted to the YWN Instagram account on May 28, which shows another gang roaming Williamsburg to attack Hasidic Jews:

DISTURBING VIDEO: Thugs assault Hasidic man with bats (2nd video) after appearing to harrass several other pedestrians in #Williamsburg, #Brooklyn #Shomrim apprehended 2 suspects. #NYOD was questioning them in connection to at least one other reported assault on Sunday #newyorkcity #nyc #hatecrime #crime #antisemitism

307 Likes, 36 Comments – TheYeshivaWorld.com (@theyeshivaworld) on Instagram: “DISTURBING VIDEO: Thugs assault Hasidic man with bats (2nd video) after appearing to harrass…”

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. If these attacks would have been perpetuated on blacks, there would already be a HUGE outcry on social media claiming bias and racism….why is this not happening when it’s against Jews????

  2. litvishechossid
    FUNNY?! It’s actually a crime called assault (not battery) where a person fears he is going to be harmed, let’s see how funny it would be if it was your kids getting scared for no reason by a couple of thugs much bigger than them

  3. A) Is there no longer a “Chap Him!” Response?

    B) Is it time for YDL (Yeedish Defense League)

    c)Of course the thugs were jerks scaring boys smaller and outnumbered by them

  4. What for them was maybe a little prank, although bad taste one, for the child it could be major. As south Williamsburg residents remember some 8-10 years ago there was a skinny psych lady in the area and she used to scream at Jewish kids. The girls were terrified to go out alone and one crossed fast the street to avoid her and almost got hit by a car. After numerous complains to cops (who tried to discourage the parents for the unspoken policy of making it look like the borough has less crimes) or maybe getting more ill she was taken someplace else. (Sorry English is my 4th language)

  5. “its actually pretty funny” huh?until its your kids that is..
    but guess u really can’t expect anymore from a cold litveshe…

  6. Idon’t know one Orthodox Jew, brought up in NYC, that hasn’t experienced this and more growing up. We have taken this for granted, and since the previous president have been lectured endlessly about “White Privilege” and American racism etc. In fact, as a kid in the 1980s we had a presidential candidate come to NYC and make anti-semitic slurs…We had a black-on-Jew riot, complete with instigators that have remained in the public eye.

  7. Litvishechosid what’s so funny about it? You wouldn’t find it funny if it was done to you or to any of your family members, so grow up…

  8. I’ve been saying this for a while since the animals are out of the asylum. It’s time for a good old-fashioned CHAPTZEM. You catch the guys, you do what needs to be done to them, maybe have them visit the Lee Avenue overpass like in the old days, and it doesn’t happen again.

    Let it not be construed from the above comment that I would suggest becoming physical against anyone.

  9. @DWKL1-“but guess u really can’t expect anymore from a cold litveshe…”

    -unfortunately this is a medium where most can get their “brilliant” opinions across, but some are better off keeping their filth to themselves. DW I’m sure your a real “warm” chassidisher with a nice fat belly to sustain all that cholent and “kigel”.

    But to all- I didn’t mean its funny to harass kids, i was just balancing the sensitivity level. These things happen all the time not just to Jewish boys. Its just a shame that the kids took off like a bullet for someone just trying to give a little scare. They obviously weren’t trying to hurt them just wanted a good laugh which they certainly got. We can’t overreact to everything since it would cause us to be paranoid and fearful. I don’t think this was a case of anti semitism it’s just 2 low lives who picked an easy target.
    Obviously if the tables were turned the world would be shouting “racists”. But this is not the case when it comes to Jews so don’t be surprised.
    כשהם שמחים אין אומה שמחה עמהם
    -הן עם לבדד ישכון

    Although thanks to ignorant fools such as DW, we don’t just need to deal with hatred from goyim.

  10. Shoyta-“Idon’t know one Orthodox Jew, brought up in NYC, that hasn’t experienced this and more growing up.”

    -i agree and that’s exactly my point. This happens all the time and it’s a consequence of living in times before Moshiach. The good thing is they didn’t hurt the kids and it didn’t look like it was their initial intention.
    This is why it was funny because for a moment I thought two behemos escaped from their enclosure by the looks of their walk and animal sounds they made. Harassment is surely not comfortable but better than assault.

    The other video which I saw just now was worse and closer to assault. It was a few thugs and the yid could have gotten hurt when they kicked the door closed. Although they did wait for the door to be almost fully closed and then they ran away revealing their true color. Yellow.

  11. Bullying isn’t funny. It doesn’t matter who’s bullying whom. I was bullied in middle school – until I learned how to fight, which was definitely against the way I was raised. The bullies should be arrested and face charges, if only in juvenile court. And like typical bullies, they pick on little kids. People who see this going on should confront the bullies and video them, then contact the police.

    Yes, bullying is everywhere. Even in yeshivas. If your child or a child you know is being bullied – speak up. Don’t let that kid be pushed off the derech because people are afraid to confront the issue (or pretend that “It doesn’t happen by us.”)

    And really, YWN, you could have spared us all the illustrations with bleeped out words and crude language. Knowing that it happened is bad enough, but we don’t need the gory details.

    BTW, did anyone contact the kids in the videos and their parents to make sure they were OK with their images going viral? Privacy is also a Torah value.

  12. I don’t know why whole cities don’t uproot themselves and move to Florida where, thanks to legalized self-defense, I never hear of this pathetic nonsense.

  13. Why do you have to fight. Someone makes a comment you dont like you have to rip him to shreds and make fun of his yichus. You think his thoughts are all chassidim are fat and eat chulent and kugel. Or maybe he is hurt that no one said to him what do u mean it is funny? Everyone is roght if it was my child or any one child it is frightening and i would never want my child or your child to ever have to deal with a shfartza picking on him even remotely. However why do we always have to hate why do we always have to rip a guy on his comment. Yes not always are they smart to say, but is this how you would want someone to anwser you. An attack on his yichus Are all litvaks cold and all chassidim warm are we all not one big nation. So lets all calm down he made a mistake of not explaing what he meant when he wrote it but that doesnt mean we have to attack and kill this guy. Please lets all stop these dights for us the test from hashem might be not ripping on the guy who makes a comment on yeshiva world after some sort of incident. So next time before you write a comment think. Next time you respond to someone comment think is this how i would want someone to respond to me. Together we can and we will bring moshiach.
    P.s i know someone will write back this was a stupid thing to say so if you feel that way i already wrote it for you

  14. I think we need to shut down to NYC, do a little “anti bias training”. If Starbucks had to close 8000 stores nationwide cuz two “colored” guys were “traumatized”, is this different? Oh, it’s just a few Jews, that’s the difference.

  15. > ajewfrommonsey
    It’s actually a crime called assault

    I would add child abuse and endangering a child (the child could just as easily run into the street in fright and get – Heaven forbid – struck by a car).

  16. Things are far from perfect in Israel, but one difference is that the effort you invest in making Israely society a better place is a longer term investment with greater returns…

  17. Litvishechossid, you make all kind of excuses to justify your immature original comment, there is absolutely no way for a kid to know or figure what intentions this goy has, especially when he is approached at in an very fast and unsual way, it seems that your blaming it on the kid for running away, please grow up already , you can’t admit you are wrong for considering it funny?

  18. Jdf007; You think it’s so safe on Florida? A year or so ago a Yid from New York was visiting Florida and was r”l shot to death in broad daylight while walking to/from shul on Shabbos! I think his name was Raskin, and he was from “dangerous” Crown Heights, NY.

  19. LitvisheMisnaged,