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Belzer Rebbe Shlita Visits Bochrim Injured In Merkaz Massacre

b3.jpg[Click on images] The Belzer Rebbe Shlita visited Shaarei Tzedek Hospital on Sunday, to visit the Bochrim who remain hospitalized from gunshot wounds. The Rebbe arrived with with son and first stopped in at the Intensive Care Unit – where one boy remains in grave condition. The Rebbe sat next to the bed, and spoke with the boys father – giving him much needed Chizuk in these devastating times.

The Rebbe then went to another boy – who is B”H recovering from his wounds – and sat with him for a while. The Bochur related the entire incident was had transpired on that dreadful Thursday night which none of us will ever forget. The Rebbe then too gave the boy words of Chizuk to help him pull through.

b2.jpgThese are the only two Bochrim which are still in Shaarei Tzedek Hospital – as some others were Boruch Hashem discharged this morning.

It is interesting to note, that upon hearing of the horrifying attack, the Rebbe stopped taking any visitors, and locked himself in his room to Daven and say Tehillim. Thousands of Belzer Chassidim had been visiting Yerushalayim last week for the Bar Mitzvah of the oldest Einikel of the Rebbe – but did not allow anyone to come in. The Rebbe then attended the Levaya on Friday along with a large group of Belzer Chassidim.

b1.jpgAdditionally, YWN has learned that there will be a Hesped in Yeshiva Merkaz HaRav at the end of the week, and the Rebbe is scheduled to attend.

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  1. A picture speaks a thousand words . I have nothing more to add but look in awe . He is a true leader showing us how we should all behave

  2. a true godol b’yisroel who feels for a fellow jew and acts.he does not care what others will say about him when a yid needs chizuk he will see to it that they get it. this is why his chassidim would jump in the fire for him if need be.
    if we really want moshiach we need to take a que from the rebbe and show love for all jews no matter what the affiliation

  3. this ‘ milso d’chasido’ that the belz rebbe did . is the kind of action that will bring moshiach,namely, ahavas yisroel!

  4. I hope nobody is surprised. The Gerer Rebbe returned to Bnei Brak for Shabbos, cancelling his scheduled “tish.” This poster alone saw “chasidishe” AND “litvishe” crying, some violently and with great emotion.

    We are the Mamleches Kohanim, v’Goy Kadosh. We ALL can and should react in the same way. These were holy neshamos. Neshamos who dedicated their days and nights to the incomparable Kiddush Shem Shaomayim that comes from ye’gias ha’Torah. The question is how will this change US?

    Will we now understand that the einei ha’Eidah who begged us – men women and children – to come together and recite Tehillim and Yom Kippur Koton LAST month, “see” things we do not see. Will we now realize their words are not antiquated, out-dated words when they remind us the Bais HaMikdash needs to be remembered in our homes, in our speech and behavior, and, yes, in our music.

    Chazal teach us (Makos 10 a) that it is merit of those who learn in the Sha’arei Yerushalayim who protect us in war. HaShem has removed His protection. Do we deserve their protection? Do our cell-phones still have internet access? Do we give our small children and teenage children phones with text-messaging? Do we have internet in the house? Do we take three minutes a day to say the three kapitlach Tehillim they decreed we say every day? Do we carry ourselves with the dignity demanded of the children of the Melech Malchei HaMilachim?

    Lately we have heard so much about “change.” Indeed.

  5. I’m no Belzer Chasid, But you got to shake your head to him he is a great man and may Hashem bless him with long and healthy years

  6. “Bachurei ochlu aish” we say on tisha b’av said the gerrer rebbe. He sent a message to all his bochurim and all of klal yisroel. “We need to be mechazaik ourselves in hilchos loshon hara in ayin tove (not looking down at others) torah and yiras shomayim”. He then cancelled his shabbos shekalim tisch and returned to bnai brak for shabbos.
    Look at these pictures and see what the belzer rebbe did. Action. That’s what makes them gedolim.
    If i may i think that the p’shat in these words and actions is that we tend to look at other yidden in a different light if they don’t meet our standards or differ in hashkafa. Rabbosai we don’t have to see more yiddishe blood running in the streets or seforim covered in blood. Ahavas yisroel doesn’t mean the one like you, EVERY YID IS A CHILD OF HKB”H. OPEN YOUR HEARTS, STOP THE SILLY MACHLOKES RABBOSAI!!!!!!!! If our leaders can why can’t we!! PLEASE enough blood has bee shed.
    When you see seforim covered in blood I think it’s a message that no matter how much you learn, if it’s at the expense of someone else that can’t do what you are doing, don’t look down at them bring them closer!!
    Kol yisroel areivim ze lozeh.
    May we merit to the bias moshiach TODAY!!

  7. It’s interesting to remark that the Belzer Rebbe Shlit”a heard about this incident from the Gerer Rebbe Shlit”a.

    The Gerer Rebbe who was supposed to spend Shabbos in Yerushalayim, had learned of this tragedy and immediately changed his plans and headed back to Bnei Brak where he resides. Before leaving he paid a visit to the Belzer Rebbe (which was originally scheduled for after Shabbos). At the start of the visit the Belzer Rebbe asked the Gerer Rebbe if he’s staying for Shabbos in Yerushalayim. The Gerer Rebbe answered that due to the tragedy that has just happened he had changed his plans and is heading back to Bnei Brak. The Belzer Rebbe who had not yet been informed of the incident, upon hearing the horrifying details from the Gerer Rebbe he stopped short the visit and locked himself in his room as reported in YW’s post.

  8. I must say as a parent of 3 children in yeshiva it bothered me to know that their yeshiva did not stop their classes to say tehilim while this story broke ….. this was a masacre and many talmidim were in serious condition ..i just dont understand why yeshivas did not stop what they were doing to say a little tehilim !!! ..i spoke to my nieces and nephews as well and they said that nothing was mentioned to them about this tragedy !!! ….. do you yeshivas understand that this wasnt just a news story !?!? .. these children are part of our family ,our klal yisroel …why wasnt tehilim said for them that day or even in the days that followed !?!?! someone please explain !!

  9. to 22:
    In all fairness to the schools, they may not have known before school let out. Also, it was in the afternoon, when english studies are. In my kids’ yeshiva and bais yaakov the teachers spoke about it the next morning and said tehillim then. There were Tehillim Kinoses (sp?) that night around town as well. I don’t know where you live, but I know the situation here was similar in other places as well. May we only hear of simchas in this month of Adar and always!

  10. To continue:
    I think what is much worse, is that while this was going on, adults were at their computers, busing writing about ‘who’ was or was not at the levaya, and why. We need to wake up! Learn from the heilege Belzer Rebbe! Look at the photos – A Chassish Rebbe and a yeshiva bochur in a white srugy! We are all brothers. It doesn’t matter how we dress.

  11. The Belzer Rebbe also went to the levaya of the Kedoshim murdered in the attack.

    The Belz chassidus here in Israel is well reknowned for their chessed and community work, paricularly for those not within their community.

    Actually in the first picture, standing behind the Rebbe, is Rabbi Motty Fried, who heads an unbelievable Bikur Cholim organisation that also helps soldiers, those under attack (Sderot etc)Check out his website to see most amazing and heartwarming pictures and video of pure Ahavas Yisroel!

  12. For the record,

    The Satmar Rav, Reb Aron also during a speech he made in Monsey condemned this act of horror and wished a refuah shelaimo to all the boys who will IH recover from this horrific experience

  13. Its just a shame that there was no yom tefila or any gathering that i know of (smeone actualy mentiuoned to me that in agudah of ave k there was something )to pour our hearts out to hashem for this tragic event ….i cant stop tearing up looking at all the pictures ….is this just going to be another headline and now we move away !?! this is a message ,a strong message to say the least !!!! …what are we doing about it !?!? 8 talmidim get murdered and nothing ,we just move on for the latest and newest story !?! whats wrong with us ….i dont want to say but we are all sleeping and missing some message hashem is sending us !!! ….yeshivas should do something ,say something …say tehilim !!! something !!!

  14. wow !! please yeshive world , allways bring us such nice pitures & news from e”y
    its not taking away all the pain but its great to see this

  15. Look at the photos – A Chassish Rebbe and a yeshiva bochur in a white srugy! We are all brothers.
    Funny when I looked at the photos I saw a Chassidich Rebbe and a Ben Torah conversing. I guess it depends on what vantage point you are looking at.
    Those spending time in Eretz Yisroel during Purim, donate blood at the MDA (they need it urgently), go to hospitals to be mevakor cholim. At Tel Hashomer the two brothers who were injured in Sederot are recovering. SHOW YOU CARE!!

  16. B”H our tefilot are accomplishing a healing of AM YISROEL, with enough achdus, the Geula is around the corner.
    Please, bloggers, lets try avoided loshon hora, attacks, try to build not destroy.

    Please pray for the rapid refuah shelema , לרפואתם המלאה והשלמה of our injured children:
    Yehoshua ben
    Tziporah ן ישעיהו בן ציפורה אברמס

    Shimon ben Ruth 19, light shrapnel שמעון בן רות יהב

    Shimon Yehial ben Tirza 17, cardiothoracic surgery, steady שמעון יחיאל בן תרזה בלזם

    Eliyahu ben Miryam good condition אליהו בן מרים קלרפילד

    Nadav Eliyahu ben Hadassa 14 intensive care נדב אליהו בן הדסה סמואלס

    Yehuda Hillel ben Miryam יהודה הלל בן מרים שולמן

    Naftali ben Gila Rachel from Sderot 14 intensive care נפתלי בן גילה רחל שיתרית

    Naftali Shetreet, 14, has improved and though he is in intensive care, his life signs are improving. He suffered bullet wounds in various parts of his body

    Eliahu Samuels, 14 in intensive care but not in danger. He is, however, attached to a ventilator. Samuels, the eldest of four children who hold Canadian, British and Israeli citizenship, was shot by the terrorist several times in the chest and legs. iunderstand that last night 2 injured were released.

  17. With all the talk about achdus, this might be a good time to offer the following little piece I’ve written. If anyone likes it please spread it around. The thing about achdus is not that people have to agree about everything, but not to let their disagreements come between them. Here it is:

    I hereby declare that even though I take a particular position with regard to Israeli (and other) politics, elections, and related issues (as I have been instructed by my Rabbis and teachers), and act in accordance with this position and try to persuade others of its rightness, it is in no way my intention or desire to allow my holding this position to cause any form of personal discord between myself and any other Jew, even those who hold with positions that differ from or are opposed to mine, or who are affiliated with groups and organizations that differ or are opposed to any group or organization with which I am affiliated. To the contrary, l hereby declare my firm resolve and determination to fulfill the precious mitzva of loving all my fellow Jews and of treating them with all the love and respect and bestowing on them all the forms of chessed that are required our holy and beloved Torah, however they may hold concerning all the issues mentioned above, even those that are most dear to me and however strenuously we may oppose each other on those issues aud their practical implications, or whatever affiliations they may have that may differ from mine. In the merit of our fulfilling the mitzvos of the holy Torah, may HaKadosh Boruch Hu have compassion on His people and bring the Geula Shleima speedily in our days.

  18. It is truly heart warming. Such concern should not only be extended after a massacre, but in our every dealings with fellow Jews.

  19. icare and nameless,

    The reason they didnt stop learning to say thilim is TALMUD TORAH K’NEGED KULAM! It is very simple.


  20. To icare (#30): I do not know where you live or what your access is to community goings on, but sitting here in my home in Flatbush, I got word of numerous Yeshivos and mosdos ha’Torah who mobilized. I am certain there were many more.

    If there is a claim to be expressed against a lack of feeling for our slain brethren it perhaps should be directed at those whose lack of emunas chachomim needed this tragedy to wake them up. (See Sha’arei Teshiva, Sha’ar Rishon.)

    Years ago, when many believed peace was around the corner, our Gedolim, decreed we all say three kapitlach of Tehillim after davenning every day (except Shabbos and Yom Tov.) A look at those kapitlach (83 in particular) should arouse awe in all when they consider the foresight of the Gedolim whose vision chose this particular kapitle. How many kehilos say these? How many of us see them as a burden, or even leave shul before they are said (a real sh’ailah of halachah)?

    On the other hand, walk into, for example, Yeshivah Rabbi Chaim Berlin, any day for Shacharis or Minchah and hear their cries during those Tehillim. You would think the decree was issued yesterday or that the Tehillim were for someone very close to the Yeshivah.

    The value of every neshamah is no more keenly felt and appreciated than it is in a Yeshivah where they thrive on “soul food” often in excess of 16 hours a day. Where else but in a Yeshivah may one hear regular discourses on the greatness of Man? Where other than the Gemorah and its meforshim are volumes written on the intricacies and the importance of each Yid, of honoring ones fellow man, of gratitude, of all matters pertaining to bein Adam l’chaveiro?

  21. #30 is right. Moreover, I find it shocking and a sad commentary on our frum society that the Lipa Schmeltzer “crisis” evoked more emotion and outcry than this tragedy.

  22. #30 is correct. Moreover, I find it shocking and a sad commentary on our frum society that the Lipa Schmeltzer “crisis” evoked far more emotion this horrible tragedy. I would venture to say that the foolish misplaced and misguided outcry for Lipa Schmeltzer prompts G-d to give us a rude awakening as to what a “crisis” really is.

  23. Beautiful words from the Satmar Rebbe: etc…
    To me these words are more moving than the Belzer rebbi’s visit.
    true Gedolim know how to keep kano’us toward a general issue separate from individual circumstances. (as is well known about R’ Shach Z”L)

  24. Chevra,

    Isn’t now a great time to replace sinas chinam with ahavas chinam toward fellow Yidden?

    The pictures in this thread are extremely powerful; I would LOVE to see similar pictures (of varying types of Jews interacting with each other) at a HAPPY time… and what could be happier than simchas Purim?!

    Why not practice ahavas Yisroel and have kosher fun at the same time?

    Unfortunately, oftentimes we see true achdus as a result of what we perceive as “bad” events. Could you imagine the impact of pictures of Chassidishe Rebbes taking out a few minutes during Purim to be sameach with bochurim at Mercaz-type Yeshivos, and vice versa? …and of Jews from all types of communities going out of their way to be m’sameach with – or send shalach manos to – Jews in “other” communities? I truly believe such an attempt would have tremendous impact on the people who are visited by the other Yidden.

    It seems fairly common for people to drop everything to, R”L, attend a levaya of a friend or family member (a “sad” event) in another town – or another country – but don’t routinely go to a chasuna, bris or other “happy” event when it’s outside the community. I always try to attend chasunas in other towns (using frequent flyer miles, whenever practicable), and I *know* that the effort means so much to the people putting on the simcha. Likewise with my humble suggestion, above. Jewish unity is too important and urgent to reserve for tragedy, R”L.

    May Ha-Shem treat us to many simchas, and to no more sorrow.


  25. re comment/request # 35 in news item “Belzer Rebbe Shlita Visits Bochrim Injured In Merkaz Massacre”
    ( March 9, 2008 ), please clarify the correct name of the injured Avramson patient for whom tefilot are requested.
    Is it Yehoshua or is it ישעיהו ?…The Comment was by AhavasChinom — March 10, 2008 @ 3:45 pm

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