WATCH THIS: Rockland Legislator Trashes YAFFED Report On Yeshiva Secular Education


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During a committee gathering in the Rockland County legislature to discuss oversight of Yeshiva education, legislator Aron Wieder literally trashed a report from advocacy group YAFFED.

Wieder emphatically defended Yeshiva education, before placing the critical report “in its rightful place” – a trash bin.

The resolution, which would have allowed government oversight of the Yeshiva curriculum, did not pass.


  1. maybe if we had better English departments in our yeshivas ,maybe then , we can talk from strength and get the money from the state to fund our English departments which we deserve , and have one less burden on our yeshivas.

  2. @evbazarov, who cares about what goyim have to say about yidden(we are talking about chillul Hashem issues here), reality says the apposite of that chart that you just posted,whether you like it or not. The fact is that the frumer the person is, the more the less frum looks to critize and pick on them, on those who stay away from asimilization.

  3. This bum doesn’t care about our children, he wants to be עוקר מן השורש yiddishkeit. He starts with this, then he will demand they teach toeva drek to be learned so these underprivileged kids should get an adequate education. He must be thrown out of קהל and be put in “ח” before he can lay his tomahdige claws and paws on us!

  4. This bum used to throw garbage on his English teacher and now he suffers the consequences. Most of the class did learn and are now productive members of the community.