Committee Votes Down Resolution To Enforce Education Standards at Monsey Yeshivas [VIDEOS]

A bumper sticker displayed on vehicles in Brooklyn and Monsey this week

The following is via News12:

Rockland lawmakers have narrowly voted down a resolution that would have pushed for a mechanism to enforce state educational standards at private schools.

Legislators held a multi services committee meeting on Tuesday to discuss the resolution, which addresses concerns within the community that some Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish schools are not teaching substantially equivalent lessons compared to public schools. The concern is focused on yeshivas mainly in the East Ramapo Central School District area.

There is an existing state law that mandates private schools adhere to state educational standards. The failed resolution would have urged state leaders to pass bills in both the Assembly and the Senate to create a mechanism to allow the state to enforce educational standards at non-public schools.

Some within the Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish community are concerned that state oversight could lead to government intrusion on religious freedom and forced assimilation.

“This is not to infringe on anybody’s religious right, because again we do have private schools here such as Green Meadow Rockland Country School,” says Legislator Laurie Santulli, who sponsored the bill. “The same idea is to see that they are receiving a rigorous education. Religion is not a factor in this.”

The committee needed at least four votes in favor of the resolution for it to advance to the full legislature. Despite calls for the committee to push the resolution through, it failed by one vote.

Source: News 12


  1. Can they / Will they still receive “mandated services” (the money the state pays all schools – public and private – for filing attendance records, for administering state tests, etc.) if they don’t meet mandated education standards?

  2. How foolish parents are for being Bullied by the “Leaders” to allow boys schools to ROB THE BOYS of their Chance to get an Education beyond 4th grade level MATH, ENGLISH, PHYSICS, SCIENCE. The Big mouth Frum lawyers over 40 years old are diverting attention from fact that NO BOY UNDER 21 Now in these Yeshivas are Capable nor able to be a LAWYER , DOCTOR , ENGINEER ,ACCOUNTANT as the Previous generation of Frum boys could. That’s why if you’re looking for a SHIDDUCH FOR A DAUGHTER you cannot find a boy who has the skills for any decent career or profession, they are all being forced to be snowflakes to be supported their whole lives. This is NOT a win it’s a Big LOSE. Remember Rambam and most luminaries were extremely educated.

  3. I challenge that Frum lawyer over 50 to find a boy Now in these Yeshivish Chasidish High Schools who can pass the LSAT or MCAT to get into Law School or Med School. As Many very Frum man did before this new generation of boys

  4. This bum doesn’t care about our children, he wants to be עוקר מן השורש yiddishkeit. He starts with this, then he will demand they teach toeva drek to be learned so these underprivileged kids should get an adequate education. He must be thrown out of קהל and be put in “ח” before he can lay his tomahdige claws and paws on us!

    To the comment or who is worried that we don’t produce enough lawyers and doctors: By most heimishe people the ikar is the money the title doesn’t make that much of a difference, for instance my uncle has a law degree, and his brother who stayed in kollel for some years has a successful business and employs him and some other lawyers. So what counts is seyata dishmaya and a bit hishtadlus, not to be smarter or a degree.