WATCH: Democrat Breaks House Rules, Plays Audio of Crying Immigrant Children


On Friday, Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu of California aired audio on the House floor of sobbing children in a detention center crying out for their parents.

He was quickly gaveled by the presiding officer, Rep. Karen Handel, R-Ga., who told him to stop playing the audio because it was against House rules.

Lieu responded that Americans need to hear the tape.

The dramatic audio, first reported by ProPublica and later provided to The Associated Press, roiled the national debate over the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” approach to border crossings. The policy has resulted in more than 2,300 children being separated from their parents.

Within a minute, Lieu yielded back his time and the audio was cut off.



  1. rt,
    The “evil vile policy of this administration” is just a continuation of the policies of the obama administration only with some compassion.
    You say that if you don’t like a policy , go ahead and break a law?
    Now I know you’re a died in the wool democRAT.