History In Baltimore: Orthodox Jewish Woman Wins Democratic Primary For State Legislature


In the 41st District, Dayla Attar took a step closer to becoming the first Orthodox woman from Baltimore in the state legislature. She was the top vote getter in the district, trailed by incumbent Delegate Samuel I. “Sandy” Rosenberg and Tony Bridges, who has worked in city government and for community nonprofits.

Dalya won one of the three delegate spots in the Democratic primary for the 41st legislative district. If elected in November she will become a member of the Maryland House of Delegates.

The 41st legislative district, which encompasses all the Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods of Baltimore City, is larger than the city council district represented by Orthodox Jewish Councilman Yitzy Schleifer.

Prior to announcing her intent to run, Dalya conferred with local leading Rabbonim, securing their support for her campaign. The daughter of immigrants, Dalya wants to give back to the community that gave so much to her family. A former Bais Yaakov of Baltimore student, she holds a law degree from University of Maryland and today works as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Baltimore, prosecuting criminals and making our streets safer.

Dalya hopes to give the Orthodox community a voice in the legislature, with someone who understands the traditions and practices of the frum community. As the Baltimore Orthodox community expands rapidly, many believe it is time for a frum representative in the Maryland General Assembly.

Dalya could become the second Orthodox Jewish female elected to office in Baltimore, joining Chaya “Karen” Friedman, a Baltimore City Circuit Court judge who is married to askan Tzvi Howard Friedman.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Kol hakovod and much hatzlacha to Delegate-elect Attar on her historic primary win (which in her district is effectively the same as woinning the general election) . Last night signaled big change in Maryland politics as it did in New York and several other states. The number of women nominated in Democratic primary contests for statewide positions was greater than any recent election cycle but still way too low. Some of the nominees (incluiding the Democratic gubenatorial candidate) had strong progressive credentials but I worry about their positions on EY (although state officials don’t have much effect on foreign policy). Hoever, th good news is that Senator Cardin decisively beat back a challenge from Jerry Segal, a loathesome Jewish hater of EY and big defender of the Palestinians.

  2. It’s a real shame that she has to run as a democRAT to get elected in Ballstimore. Frum Yidden are more in tune with Republicans.

  3. Pretty easy today for a jew to win
    The bigger??
    Does s/he bring their values with them or do they leave them in the basement?
    Does their identity get sold off swiftly to the highest bidder on their way to city Hall/state gov.?

  4. The Three Weeks are almost here. Can we leave the character assassination and snarky remarks for after Yomim Tovim? We’re beginning the run-up to Yom Kippur, and let’s remember that NOTHING we say or write is ever forgotten by the One Above.

    BTW – a Jew who’s a Democrat is still a Jew, as is a Jew who’s Republican. Let’s not let the atmosphere of non-Jewish politics warp the way we regard fellow Jews.

  5. “Orthodox Jewish Woman” is a Democrat? It is an oxymoron. How some one who claims to be “Orthodox” can be a member of a party that stands for murdering babies in mothers wombs, promoting and imposing perverted lifestyles and hating Israel and the Jews.

  6. ““Orthodox Jewish Woman” is a Democrat? It is an oxymoron.”

    A Republican simply can’t win in Baltimore City so she had to run as a Democrat to even have a chance but it was not an “easy win”. Dalya and her husband sought the guidance of the Rabbanim and had their support every step of the way. She will bring her Torah values and unwavering integrity to the State House in Annapolis!

  7. For all the people that ask why she ran as a Democrat… It’s because it’s impossible to run as a republican In baltimore and win. End of story.
    If you want to question her hashkafa and yiras shamayim.. Don’t. I know her personally and she’s got everything in check.

  8. To MoisheInGoofus: Torah requires the abortion of an unborn child if it threatens the life of the mother. Most political right-to-lifers don’t know that, but they have an excuse – they are not Jewish. What’s your excuse? And most Democrats don’t impose or promote perverse lifestyles, they ignore them. Try it, and find another thing to do for aggravation.

  9. To everyone wondering why she is running as a Democrat- notice how it is only after the primaries, yet she is being confirmed as for sure a delegate? That is because in Baltimore, Republicans are so irrelevant they didn’t even bother running a candidate in the district. If she ran as a Republican, she would have lost- it’s that simple. She is frum, and I don’t think she actually holds all the anti-Torah dem positions, but you have to run as a dem to win here.

  10. Bringing “Torah values” to a political party that in its core platform stands for murder of innocent babies and pushing sodomy on the rest of society, not to mention hatred of Israel and Jews, is big Hilul Hashem. And please, do not bring an argument that she would never win as a Republican in Baltimore, nobody is forcing her into politics.

  11. huju,
    ” most Democrats don’t impose or promote perverse lifestyles, they ignore them”
    Even if that was accurate “The sure cause for evil to flourish, is for.. men to do nothing”
    And That happens to be blatantly false. Who has been pushing S– education in our institutions and promoting Pride month?
    Amazing even some like huju would try spew it.
    But as is obvious”“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. ”

  12. Moishe,

    She didn’t run to bring Torah values to any party. My comment was in response to the poster who asked, “Does s/he bring their values with them or do they leave them in the basement?”. Dalya entered the race with the support of the Rabbonim because the community could no longer rely on outside politicians to advocate for its needs. Orthodox representation is desperately needed in Annapolis; B”H, it will become a reality and she will make a Kiddush Hashem.

    Instead of criticizing an accomplished, dedicated person who acts with Rabbinic guidance, you might consider getting off the internet and doing something useful with your life.

  13. Phil, there is a saying: “You sleep with dogs, You get fleas” Democrat party today is 100% Tumah. Torah commands us to stay away from impurities and evil in order to be holy.