Amsterdam: Jewish Cemetery Vandalized With Swastikas; Suspect Arrested


Swastikas were spray-painted on the outside wall of the 300-year–old Jewish cemetery on Zeeburg in Amsterdam on Saturday, NLTimes reported.

Police said a suspect was arrested a short time later, but would release no other details.

The swastikas were painted on the cemetery’s outside wall, near Flevopark. The graffiti was removed from the wall immediately after being discovered.

The Jewish cemetery is the largest in the Netherlands, with over 100,000 people buried there.

In 2013, the cemetery was reopened after almost 70 years of neglect, thanks to help from Moroccan and Jewish youths who renovated it.

Along with other volunteers referred by the City of Amsterdam, the youths painted over graffiti-covered walls, cut overgrown grass and weeds, and helped restore some of the paths that crisscross the site in eastern Amsterdam.

(Nat Golden – YWN)