Catskills: Rapper Who Used Racially Charged Lyrics Running For Congressional District


The Democratic candidate for the 19th Congressional District, Antonio Delgado, is a former rap singer who released a CD titled “Painfully Free” in 2006 in which he uses the N-word, is critical of the two-party political system calls the “dead” presidents “white su premacists” and blasts capitalism, the New York Post reported on Monday.

Delgado, who defeated six other Democrats to capture his party’s nomination for the November election against incumbent Republican John Faso, has since earned a law degree.

Back 12 years ago in his rap incarnation, Delgado was known as “AD The Voice.”

The Post quoted some of his lyrics. “Dead presidents can’t represent me, not when most of them believe in white supremacy/like spittin’ on my ancestry.”

Delgado defended his lyrics to the Post. “This is a willful and selective misreading of my work for political purposes,” he said. “My music defies the same stereotypical notions that led you and whoever chose to share this music with you to immediately hear certain words and think they are bad or scary. If you listen to the lyrics my mission is clear.”

(Source: MidHudsonNews)


  1. The black voters are not known for their intelligence and so they just might vote for a idiot creep like this.

    and I hope my politically incorrect opinion which I know sounds racist, but happens to reflect my true opinion does not offend too many people.

  2. RT /Huju and other loons / / your candidate has finally arrived / maybe he will run for Prez and beat Trump as you wish. Looking forward .

  3. He has ONE qualification, which I won’t mention due to obvious reasons..

    For the sake of humanity, please! we need to reinstate the minimum age of voting to at least 25…
    (it used to be 21…)

  4. The fist two comments are offensive and if anyone who isn’t one of ours sees them it’s a chillul Hashem.
    The district appears to be largely rural with small towns and I would assume mostly White.

  5. It’s good to see the racists jump right on this person. And yea they are racists since they were unable to express any substantive reason for opposing his candidacy except for his color. In a way its ironic considering the number of white supremicists, KKK members and neo nazis that have won republican nominations nationwide this year.

  6. Yaakov – thanks for saying it first. And yes, people who aren’t “ours” do read this site. Hopefully “Is it Time” and “luckshen kugel” are non-Jewish trolls. (I’ve never seen lokshen kugel spelled like that before).

    Proud to be a racist? Remember what happened to our grandparents. It isn’t “cool” and it isn’t “daring” to be just like [certain radio and television personalities]. It’s suicidal, because the same non-Jews who say things like that about blacks say even more complimentary things about us, and they’d kill us just as quick if they could.

  7. y doe,
    Correct.My apologies
    Just skimmed through the Article before my original posting

    He did earn a law degree and seems rather articulate