KIDDUSH HASHEM! NYPD Officer Helps Orthodox Jew Repair Flat – To Repay Those Who Helped Him!


Photos circulating on Monday show the moment NYPD officers stopped to help an Orthodox Jewish man with his flat tire on the Manhattan Bridge, on an extremely hot summer afternoon two weeks ago.

One officer was extremely helpful, and even got down on the floor.

The man reports the cop told him, “you know why I got down to help you? Because when I once got stuck in the snow, no one else stopped to help me. Only two Jews stopped to help. Since then, I made a promise that I would always help you guys”.


  1. The officer’s backstory reminds me a bit of the story a few years ago of a guy dressed up in a Sponge Bob costume who, as a gag, would fall on the sidewalk to see who would stop and help. People walked past him, stepped over him, even took pictures. Nobody helped… until a small group of yeshiva boys came along. Even though it was a gag, the boys didn’t know it. Just showed their good middos. Love seeing stories like this. BTW a video of this is online. Just google “jewish boys help sponge bob”

  2. To Time for Truth: You ask, “Will we have a weekly roundup of these constant stories?”

    Well hopefully yes. The tzibur is exhausted and depressed from the near-constant barrage of negative stories about yidden, largely based on anti-Semitic stereotypes. Have you noticed that the (Fake) evening news network reports every night now end with some type of uplifting, positive news story or anecdote in an effort to counter the prior 25 minutes of news about tragedies, geopolitical tensions and growing domestic infighting and tribalism. Thank you YWN editors for these uplifting stories that so offend Time for Truth

  3. Misleading and beautiful!
    1- Misleading in the sense that YWN constantly puts Kiddush Hashem in relation to non Jews. However, it is clear that actions which bring another Jew closer to Hashem are a higher level Kiddush Hashem.
    2- Beautiful because it is! Also it reminds us that this is part of our obligation to bring the non Jews closer Ed

  4. Continuation – to understanding the Truth of Torah. Even though we are not supposed to proselytize, we are in golus to make more geirm and bring non Jews closer as they see our great way of life. viyaidah kol pa’ul ki atah phialto bmheirah biyameinu amen