Hundreds Of Neo-Nazis March in Berlin With Police Protection


Hundreds of neo-Nazis waving flags with the colors of the German Reich marched through central Berlin, protected from counter-protesters by police in riot gear.

Berlin police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said officers had to physically remove some left-wing demonstrators who had staged sit-down protests along the route of Saturday’s march.

He added that stones and bottles were thrown at some of the far-right protesters, but couldn’t immediately say how many people were injured.

The far-right protesters wore white shirts to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the death of high-ranking Nazi official Rudolf Hess and carried banners with slogans such as “I regret nothing.”

Hess, who received a life sentence at the Nuremberg trials for his role in planning World War II, died on Aug. 17, 1987.



  1. If these Neo-Nazis were interested in the truth and would study the true history of Nazi Germany they would realize that they would have been miserable under Hitler’s (y’mach’sh’mo) reign. He was a fascist megalomaniac who was only interested in his own goals and would use anybody as a pawn, even if it meant their death, in order to further his interests. Ultimately he brought the ruin of Germany by provoking the world powers against him into a war he couldn’t win. His generals knew that from the beginning, but failed to stop him. The Nazis were at an organized mafia who terrorized anyone who disagreed with them and had turned Germany into a police state. They were killing their own citizens way before the start of the Jewish concentration camps. Only a fool would want to live in Nazi Germany and be a Nazi.

  2. You are correct. Initially yes, but once Hitler became chancellor and destroyed the constitution, even those who saw the frauds committed by the Nazi party felt compelled out of fear to vote for him with each successive election. While most Germans had been brainwashed into believing Hitler, there were those who saw through his lies. The underlying point I am trying to make is that hopefully an intelligent German will realize that the short lived glory achieved by Hitler and the Nazis party was built on lies, deception, and terror – and that there would be much to lose by trying to reinvent such a reign of terror. It is important to confront these neo-Nazis with the well documented history that is recorded in such books as the Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich by William Shirer, etc. There are also the Nuremberg trial recordings which dispel all the glory of the Nazi party.