Outrage After Socialist Congressional Candidate Ocasio-Cortez BANS Reporters From Event

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the democratic-socialist running for New York’s 14th congressional district, is facing criticism after her campaign banned journalists from covering a town hall meeting with voters last week.

The Queens Chronicle reported that the campaign for the 28-year-old “pronounced the future of the Democratic Party” prevented reporters from attending a campaign event in Corona, Queens on Sunday, even though it was open to the rest of the public. The campaign reportedly barred reporters from a prior event as well.

Ocasio-Cortez returned to her district after stumping for like-minded candidates across the country, even joining up with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. She became an overnight political sensation and a sought-after endorsement on the left upon defeating longtime Rep. Joe Crowley in New York’s Democratic primary in June.

Campaign spokesman Corbin Trent said the ban was the campaign’s response to an incident last week where Ocasio-Cortez met with healthcare activist Ady Barkan, and the two of them were “mobbed” by journalists despite it being a non-Q&A event.

“We wanted to help create a space where community members felt comfortable and open to express themselves without the distraction of cameras and press. These were the first set of events where the press has been excluded,” said Trent. “This is an outlier and will not be the norm. We’re still adjusting our logistics to fit Alexandria’s national profile.”

Ocasio-Cortez herself later tweeted it was a “non-story”.

However, reporters had plenty to say on social media:


  1. she’s young and new so was probably testing messaging before opening event to reporters. it would probably be prudent to be cautious in demonizing her because when you need her to vote for your cause she’ll make you eat crow. she most likely qualifies as a tinok shishba regarding israel/pali issue. whats funny is socialism is advocated by the left and is fought ideologically by the bannon alt right which is associated with hard core anti semitism so for a liberal democrat its confusing why a jew would side with the alt right over a leftist more accepting agenda.

  2. The district needs to run a campaign against her providing 2 things. One is a document that tells everyone facts about her background and proposed policies. The second is a disc with clips of her interviews with the media – including her darling leftist CNN, where she displays ignorance and pathologically poor intellect. Then let the voters judge for themselves. Most stuffed toys are more literate and informed than she is.

  3. Heck if the president can do it why can’t she? IIRC there were also republicans who banned press from town halls in the past two years.

  4. What’s the big deal? Socialists don’t believe in “free press” to begin with. In their worldview, the press has a duty to serve the socialist cause. Saying she doesn’t want reporters around is like saying that Hitler didn’t like Jews – no hidush.

    A “double standard” compared to Trump is relevant, since Trump claims to be a Republican, and Republican ideology has always favored a free press (similar to non-socialist Democrats). However one needs to realize that “free press” is part of American exceptionalism, with the modern left objects to.

  5. > Amil Zola

    “Heck if the president can do it why can’t she? ”

    Which president? If you mean Trump, he banned individual people who where giving him a hard time. I recall no across-the-board media ban.

    But the real point is not whether Trump did or did not ban media. The real point is that her (Cortez’s) party publicly castigated in extreme terms Trump for alleged banning, but in no time they quickly excuse her for the same – and even more extreme – actions than they castigated Trump for allegedly committing?

  6. MoisheInGolus, not carrying water for her and I’m not in her district. I’m merely pointing out that there is no uniform position on this issue with regards to party. Like I mentioned before there are others who have closed their town halls to reporters. Make of it what you will.

  7. Zola:
    “Heck if the president can do it why can’t she? IIRC there were also republicans who banned press from town halls in the past two years.”
    When the president does it you vilify him. Now you want to okay it when it’s doe by one of your own?
    Typical hypocrisy.