VIDEOS: Cuomo Brothers Slam Trump’s Reaction To McCain’s Death: ‘He’s a Loser, Just Jealous’


The Cuomo brothers slammed President Donald Trump for his reaction to the passing of Senator John McCain, including refusing to lower the White House flag in his honor and barely offering comment.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo said the President “looked like a loser.”

His brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, said Trump is just jealous, “because Senator McCain was twice the public elected official Donald Trump will ever be”.


  1. I agree with Cuomo on this one. All I can say is with dumb actions like this Mr. Trump is going to lose many of his supporters. I predict President Pence by Pesach. I said the same thing the last two Rosh Hashonos, but I think Trumps excess baggage is getting too heavy.