WATCH THIS: Ramapo Police Enforcing Crosswalks in Monsey; Frum Man Warns Cars of Undercover Officer


Ramapo PD conducted a “Pedestrian Safety detail” on Thursday. The detail involves an officer specially trained in pedestrian safety entering the roadway as a decoy to see if oncoming vehicles will yield to him as required by the law. Multiple drivers were stopped and ticketed.

Ramapo Police has previously said that this is an ongoing attempt to decrease the number of dangerous and often fatal accidents that occur on the streets involving pedestrians.

On Thursday, one community activist stood near the detail warning oncoming vehicles about the police detail.

Here’s a short video from today’s detail.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. Why not just obey the law because it is the right thing to do? How many times do we have to read about people getting hit in crosswalks? This isn’t a nuisance law, its a public safety law, what is so hard to understand?

  2. I’m a concerned Monsey resident, who resides near the intersection of route 306 and Blauvelt Road.
    I have witnessed countless accidents, at this very intersection.
    I have gone down to Town Hall, and complained about the installation of a traffic light.
    All they have told me was, “Sir, we will get back to you”.
    Nothing ever happens.
    How many accidents do we have to witness, until chas V’ishalom it’s too late?
    It seems to be, that nobody cares, and this is a serious unacceptable issue.
    Another thing that bothers me, is that drivers have no common courtesy.
    No driver will ever let another car in, everyone is in a rush.
    Furthermore, everyone has to been, and give you the bright lights.
    Roads are not being paved, as I have requested, on numerous occasions.
    Blauvelt Road, and Jill Lane, are an atrocity.
    Jill lane got so bad, I cannot push a wheelchair on it, without the tires sinking through the road.
    is there anyone who can help me solve these issues?

    Tzvi S

  3. In other words, stay off your phone and look where you’re going. That applies to drivers and pedestrians alike. BOTH distracting driving and distracted walking can get people killed.

    Is it worth spending the rest of your life knowing you ch’v killed someone because you just had to take that call or text message?