Female Lion Kills Father Of Her Cubs At Indianapolis Zoo


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The Indianapolis Zoo is trying to determine why a lioness killed her mate.

The zoo said Friday that an adult female, Zuri, attacked 10-year-old male Nyack in their outdoor yard Monday before the zoo opened for the day.

The zoo says the two had been housed together for eight years and produced three cubs in 2015. Nyack was on loan from the San Diego Zoo.

It says that staff heard an unusual amount of roaring from the yard and tried to separate the two but that Zuri held Nyack by the neck until he stopped moving. A necropsy confirmed Nyack died of suffocation from injuries to his neck.

The zoo says daily logs kept by staff previously showed no unusual aggression, injuries or wounds between the two.



  1. He was a good lion! He always cared for his lioness and their cubs! Perhaps she was on drugs – opium overdose! Maybe she ingested too much Canadian marijuana!

  2. A lesson in life!
    Your best friend,mate,mentor, student,teacher,blood relative, etc can turn on you and stab you in the back or throw u under the bus.
    It happens more often then you would like to believe.