UPDATE: Graffiti Found on Jewish School Building in Montreal; Artist Says He Meant No Harm [PHOTOS]


Police in Outremont, Montreal, were investigating disturbing graffiti on a Jewish school on Monday morning.

Chaverim Shomrim of Montreal-Tosh received a phone call reporting the incident on Monday morning, and immediately contacted police.

The graffiti was found on the Belzer High School, located on Laurier street between Park and Jeanne-Mance. It appears to have been painted on Motzei Shabbos. It reads “one scythe fits all”. A “scythe” is a knife.

Police were reviewing security cameras to try and gain information on the suspect(s).

Initial fears were the message was anti-Semitic in nature. However, based on comments left on an Instagram account linked to the suspect, see screenshots below) it appears that may not have been the motivation.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. Is Halloween celebrated in Canada? I don’t know, but this looks more like a Halloween-themed drawing than any type of threat. Is there some other reason that this is being considered a threat?

    an Israeli Yid

  2. The guy has an Instagram page, shouldn’t take long to find him.

    But since he specializes in gory art, I don’t know if they’ll be able to get him for hate charges here. He’s trying to be the opposite of Banksy, with art that offends across the board.

  3. aIY: it’s perceived as threat because this defaced a Jewish school building about a week after Pittsburgh.

    It’s definitely vandalism so I am in no way condoning this, but he can easily claim that it was misinterpreted, that his message really is that hate and violence don’t necessarily discriminate, and we should call it out no matter who the victim is.

  4. It was done on a school whose students are visibly Jewish and chasidic. Everyone in Outremont knows of the chasidim; they number 5,000 and are often in the news.

    To suggest that it is not a hate crime is a reach. OTOH, the outcome of a trial is anybody’s guess.

  5. Stuart- The messages clearly show he had no clue. He articulated that he had no clue what he had done. I also reached out to him personally after seeing the above, and it’s clear he had zero ill intent. Nice guy actually.