HATE IN BROOKLYN: NYPD Arrest Man Shouting “Heil Hitler” At Hasidic Man [WATCH VIDEO]


The NYPD arrested a man for shouting anti-Semitic slurs at a Jewish man in Brooklyn, Thursday morning.

YWN spoke to the victim who says that he was parked on Myrtle Avenue – not far from Williamsburg – at around 8:40AM. He was parked legally, minding his own business, about to have a meeting at a building nearby.

Suddenly, an African American male began shouting at him through the window that he should leave the neighborhood. “This is a black neighborhood and you don’t belong here,” the man shouted.

The victim immediately began filming the man, who returned and (as can be seen in the attached video), began shouting “Heil Hitler” and making a “Hitler salute”.

The man then went into a store, and returned and once again began shouting anti-Semitic slurs at him.

The victim called police who arrived quickly and took a report.

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Around 30 minutes later, the victim received a call from police at the NYPD’s 88 Precinct that they had detained a man and needed him to identify him. He was easily identified, and was arrested.

His charges are not yet known, although Hate Crime charges are likely.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. I guess this “intellect” didn’t realise that if his hero should come back, that HE would also be a target, and he’s recognisable much quicker than a Jewish person. Ha!!

  2. Please remove the fact that the alleged suspect is African-American. I’m very concerned about backlash from the evil white racist community.
    What happened to Hillary’s promise that when the democrats take over the House, civility will return?

  3. I do not believe that this is a commonly held belief in the black community, however, incidents such as this are becoming alarmingly common. Leaders who have spread anti-Semitic hatred (such as Farrakhan, Sharpton and the now less relevant Jackson) are all guilty of this. Instead of calling them out and truly combatting anti-Semitism, the media and elected official have and continue to sanitize and legitimize them (NBC, CNN, the Women’s March, Obama, Ellison, et al.). Maxine Waters was videoed giving Farrakhan a hug in 2006 and much of the CBC has supported him until it recently went out of fashion to do so. NY’s very own Gregory Meeks sat down with Farrakhan as recently as 2013 at what he called a meeting aimed at ‘stopping terrorism.’ Present at the meet were Keith Ellison and Andre Carson in addition to President Rouhani of Iran. Go figure.

    The outpour of support against anti-Semitism after Pittsburgh is commendable, however, no national coverage is being given to the numerous anti-Semitic attacks, specifically in the tri-state area. If reported on, they are whitewashed, such as seen after a Brooklyn Reform Temple was vandalized with nazi graffiti (the perpetrator was later arrested at the site of a Williamsburg yeshiva that had just been set fire to) and media outlets omitted that he was an Obama campaign volunteer, interned for Melissa Mark-Viverito, and a card carrying Democrat activist. The numerous attacks in Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Midwood get no national coverage and, at this point, we don’t expect them to. These attacks do not fit the narrative and are therefore not even worth reporting.

    We are reaching a point where identifiably Jewish people feel compelled to look over their shoulders while going about daily life in one of the bluest cities/states in the country – and the attackers are not wearing MAGA hats.

  4. Chavrusa shaft, antisemitism is very common among black Americans, and has been for as long as there are statistics, which means most of the last century.

  5. What was he arrested for? The article implies it was for shouting nasty things, but that’s impossible. This is a free country, where it is not a crime to shout things no matter how hateful they are. He must have committed a crime so why aren’t we told what it was?

  6. If this had been in the reverse and a passerby would say “n…….” the whole NYC (and then some) would be up in arms about this racist remark…Rev Al Sharpton would lead the crowd in protest!!

  7. rikki, if there were protests every time someone said “n…r” there would be nothing but protests all day every day. It takes more than that. And of course one cannot be arrested for saying that, or anything else.


  9. My grandfather told me that before Hitler Ym”sh got to power this is exactly what happened. ובהר ציון תהיה פליטה
    let’s not wait until it is to late.
    Good Shabbos from Yerushalaim

  10. Generally, this kind of stuff doesnt bother me. (Obviously, it is not good). He is clearly not 100%. We dont have to worry about “crazy people.” We want to physically protect ourselves from them — but adult, princeton jacket, bike riding adults — we do not need to spend our energy on. It is others like Kirsten Gilibrand and Corey Booker — who — when it suited them — “snuggled” with the Jewish community and were pro-Israel but now that they have their eyes on the prize — are ambivalent if not anti Israel. Remember that President Obama visited Sderot before he was President and then became (objectively) the most anti-Israel President since 1948. (Ill take other nominations). (Did you like that segue?)

  11. MrSarahLevine613, objectively the worst President for Israel since 1948 was Eisenhower, a Republican. 0bama was worse than him for America, but not for Israel.

  12. First, the guy is obviously a nut (and should be so lucky to have a Jewish dentist). Second, it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t understand what Hitler would have thought of him. So, I am not going to attribute any great significance to his comments.
    What troubles me much more are the racist comments I see posted here. As I said, this man’s a nut– what’s your excuse?