PHOTOS: Yeshivah Gedolah Of Bayonne Celebrates Siyum With Joyous Occasion


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The atmosphere was festive and the smiles were in the air this past Sunday at Yeshiva Gedolah of Bayonne as the entire yeshiva celebrated the completion of Masechta Yevamos together. The occasion marked a year’s worth of learning, reviewing and mastering this section of the gemara and guests came out en masse to celebrate this great accomplishment.

A grand tent, erected for the occasion, filled yeshiva grounds, while live music and a beautifully catered seudas mitzvah greeted attendees. Even curious siblings tagged along to observe the occasion firsthand and get a taste of Yeshiva Gedolah of Bayonne for themselves.

The guest speaker of the evening, Rosh Yeshiva of Riverdale, Harav Avraham Ausband, presented a powerful message to the talmidim: “Olam Hazeh is defined by pieces; it has shortfalls and lackings. Olam Haba is a davar shaleim – complete. You have finished an entire masechta – b’shleimus – and you have done it together, as a complete yeshiva. This is the ultimate level that you can reach here.”

The talmidim were each presented with an award of accomplishment from their esteemed menahel, Rabbi Yechezkel Magid, and lauded for their efforts.

As the event wrapped up, parents and grandparents were reluctant to leave. In this remote location, outside of a Torah city, they had discovered a makom Torah bursting with avodas hakodesh and true ameilus baTorah. Here, the bochurim and the rebbeim have created an environment that is a true kiddush Hashem.

“We had to cut our vacation short to be at this siyum,” related one parent. “But here, we felt that this was the best vacation. Maybe even a taste of Olam Haba.”