Online higher education is at your fingertips at Touro University Worldwide

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A degree from one of the most elite online universities is affordable and readily accessible.

Over the years online education has become a major component in
educating the next generation of leaders. New technologies provide
higher education institutions with the ability to deliver high-quality
education without any need for students to leave the comfort of their
homes or offices. Online education also eliminates the need for the
hassle of relocation in order to attend your university of choice.

University Worldwide (TUW) provides just these things – all you need is
a computer and an internet connection to participate in our virtual
classroom. TUW delivers cutting-edge knowledge alongside practical
experience, so graduates are prepared to enter the workforce as well as a
boost up the corporate ladder.

Students at Touro University Worldwide
(TUW) learn effectively through the Robust Learning Model (RLM)
developed by TUW’s Drs. Yoram and Edith Neumann. The RLM is the first
integrated approach to online degree programs and incorporates highly
effective learning techniques supported by evidence-based research and
numerous studies. As part of the RLM, innovative technology has been
developed and implemented by TUW to support the learning model.

TUW offers extremely affordable tuition, easy to use technology,
flexible online courses, and a university-wide scholarship program
focused on student retention and graduation, putting the cost of
learning and attaining a degree well under those of comparable
institutions. Our extensive online library and resources are included in
tuition and we do not believe students should have to empty their
wallets over expensive textbooks, which we provide as part of tuition.
All courses are offered six times a year, with flexible course schedules
that lend themselves to a clear and supportive path to the successful
completion of degree programs.

TUW offers associate, bachelors, masters and doctoral online degree programs
in a variety of disciplines, including business, psychology, health and
human services, and general studies, at your fingertips using our
online platform. TUW has become a place for professionals to gain skills
that will stay relevant amid emerging marketplace trends and an
ever-changing industrial landscape.

We are proud of our Touro
University Worldwide graduates, with many alumni holding prestigious
professional and executive positions.

Learn more about TUW Degree Programs today!