WATCH: Rockland Legislator Aaron Weider Says New NYS Education Guidelines Are “Declaration of WAR”


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Joining the “declaration of war” call, Rockland County Legislator Aron Wieder followed the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Joel who made a similar call last week.

As YWN has been reporting, New York State is taking steps towards stricter enforcement of its education requirements on yeshiva elementary schools.

In line with recently released NYS Education Department guidelines, all yeshiva elementary schools must teach a ‘substantially equivalent education’ to public schools, with a minimum of six hours of secular studies daily.

The new regulations leave little flexibility for what yeshiva elementary schools may teach.

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  1. Hey weider ,
    Speaking of war.
    Your war started the minute your bottom landed on that chair in the BOE room.
    Fix your own wagon before fixing others

  2. Weider & Co. don’t get it.
    Even if they win, it’s a Phyrric victory, the house of cards is a- comin’- a – tumbell-in- down. The good days are done, no more yammi bopping pols will come a calling to the rabbis come election time. The constituencies have changed and who ‘d a thunk that in heilige NY & NJ of all places unsere’s clout is almost done. It’s not just this, it’s other signs popping up at different venues in both states at a fast clip.
    You’ll start packin’ soon along with the rest of us to the place you love to hate.
    Mr. Weider & Co……. You kaint blame the Tziyoi’nUM, Kuff’rrUM for this mess.