WEDDING POSTPONED: Chosson To Get Married in Williamsburg Tonight Has Signs of Measles

Vayoel Moshe Wedding Hall

A wedding scheduled to take place tonight has been postponed due to measles. But in this case, it is the Chosson himself that possibly has the disease.

Sources tell YWN that the Chosson is from Antwerp, and showed signs of having measles when he landed in New York.

The wedding was scheduled to take place in the Vayoel Moshe Hall on Bedford Avenue in the WIlliamsburg section of Brooklyn.

YWN was unable to confirm a date when the wedding would be held.

The NYC Health Department tells YWN that there are 52 confirmed cases of measles in Brooklyn. Three infections, including the initial case of measles, were acquired by children on a visit to Israel, where a large outbreak of the disease is occurring.

There has been transmission in schools with children who are unvaccinated or who have not received two doses of the vaccine.

Every student grades pre K through 12th grade attending a yeshiva in Borough Park and Williamsburg (zip codes:  11204, 11205, 11206, 11211, 11218, 11219, 11220, 11230, 11249) who is not vaccinated with the required number of doses of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine will not be permitted to attend school.

There are no deaths associated with these cases, although there have been complications including hospitalizations.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. M’mah nufshuch.
    If the families are anti vaxxers, whats the issue .
    If they are pro vaxxers why cant they marry?
    There is no chiyuv to get married in a hall.
    Go get a minyan and be done with it and deal with it after!!

  2. Dear YWN you have jewish blood on your hands you are playing with fire
    Your work are the cauae of so much hate by klal yisroel.
    The family ia going throgh so much pain and embaracments. Thanks for adding more and btw tomorrow when the daily news and other outles are going to publish it they won’t write, “chasidic wedding” in “williamsburg” they will say “orthodox- jewish-wedding”.
    And it’s not enough that some institutions and politicians are already blaming “us” for spreading those preventable diaeases, keep it up…

  3. @anopinion – YWN ignore this rasah and all other anti-vaaxers. keep on your mission to prevent another Holocaust in the United States. And this rasha is right about one thing when he said “And it’s not enough that some institutions and politicians are already blaming “us” for spreading those preventable diaeases, keep it up…”
    100% true.
    The reshoyim anti-vaaxers are 100% causing anti-antisemitism, and they 1000000% are responsible for spreading the disease. Tell me what other community in the tri-state area has a measles outbreak

  4. anopinion, what exactly is your point? These stories shouldn’t be published so that anti-vaxers should continue to bury their heads in the sand? That more people should desist from getting shots or giving their children shots so that more people can be effected sometimes for life and sometimes fatally?

    Publishing these storeies is literally the רפיאה before the מכה so that this shouldn’t get out of control and become an epidemic as has happened in previous generations.

  5. Little Froggie, they only need a minyan to get married. It’s a shame thousands of guests will miss the rubber chicken, but still…. meanwhile, what about all the passengers on his plane? This is how epidemics spread in the 21st century.

  6. Dear YWN you have jewish blood on your hands you are playing with fire
    Your work are the cauae of so much hate by klal yisroel.
    The family ia going throgh so much pain and embaracments. Thanks for adding more and btw tomorrow when the daily news and other outles are going to publish it they won’t write, “chasidic wedding” in “williamsburg” they will say “orthodox- jewish-wedding”.
    And it’s not enough that some institutions and politicians are already blaming “us” for spreading those preventable diaeases, keep it up…

    WOW!!! Methinks thou dost protest too much. Guilty conscience for being part of the problem, perhaps? Maybe you are beginning to feel twinges of doubt about your decisions? Maybe you see WHY institutions and politicians blame “us” – because YOU started this epidemic which may turn into a pandemic. Face it: the problem is within the Jewish community & people like you spread it across all society. Of course there are other people who see it the same way, but this epidemic started HERE. And you and your misguided friends are keeping up the momentum. So of course we are all blamed. Get real, get over it, get vaccinated.

  7. Love your sensitivity, YWN, keep it vague so the players in this drama don’t get publicly shamed. Blurr out all the identifying information from the invitation.
    And put every blatant hint in the rest of the story…where the wedding is, the wedding date, the country the chosson came in from. DEEELIGHTFUL. Keep up the intelligent work.

  8. Dear fake news alert, Just to let u know. Im not an antivaxer. I am an EMT and a RN who actually advocates for Vacines
    (And btw 1)ppl who r vaccinated can still get the dizease 2)bc of the herd-affect if %80 of population is vaccinated the rest are still protected and thats y ppl with low immumity or who are on immunosuppresents are safe even if they are not vaccinated) BUT OF COURSE AS A SOCIETY EVERYONE HAS A RESPONSBILITY TO VACCINATE i dont know why u r saying im anti vacvine. IM MYSELF WORK IN A CLINIC AND GAVE HUNDREDS OF VACVINES TO ADULTS AND CHILDREN.
    And if my opinion is against ywn for spreadind painful news which a particiular family is suffering “ALTHOUGH THE CHOSON MIGHT BE VACVINATED”…. here is where i have my issue. So to conclude,
    1)i am a pro vacvinater bh
    2)i am against posting “individual” stories which is causing pain for a family
    3) i do not deserve the title “rasha” for sticking up for the Torah and bring מוחה on spreading halbunas punim

  9. anopinion, the chillul hashem is restricted to the chareidi community. no one suspects anyone living in the Traditionally orthodox community of such behavior.
    publicizing is a good thing. stop the madness

  10. anopinion, you are right in this case too many details were revealed. I still believe in publishing these stories, with not so many identifying details, so that people will become aware that they must vaccinate their children. No one is saying that everyone who gets vaccinated is 100% protected, which is why everyone must be vaccinated to prevent those who are not 100% percent immune even if they got the shots, and those who can’t get immunized for medical reasons, to have a greater chance of contracting the disease.

    I don’t think that publishing these stories causes anti-Semitism as some were saying, not getting vaccinations causes anti-Semitism. Publishing these stories help make the public aware how important it is to immunize their children. In any case, we must do what is good for our community because anti-Semitism will in any case always be around and causing the frum people to be aware of the damage that not being vaccinated can cause is more important than what the anti-Semites say.

  11. Today’s outbreak comes from the “chareidishe” community. But if you review the history of prior outbreaks you will notice them having occurred in various places, uninhabited by yidden , chassidim or Williamsburg residents. Therefore, it is incorrect to blame one faction of a religious group or one neighborhood for something. There are anti-vaxxers throughout this world, without any relation to chassidishe people. I highly doubt that the cases in lakewood are all chassidim, as well as chicago and passaic. This time it hit all heimishe yidden, for we all travel to Eretz Yisroel and that is where the individuals were exposed to the measles. Therefore it can also be a traditionally orthodox person or a Chiloni as well.
    YWN is just stating the facts of the news. I, as well as majority of the readers, have no inkling, nor any interest in, who the individual is. It is merely relating updated development with an astonishing case to this uncontrollable situation we have gotten ourselves into. Only because we don’t follow Rabbi Akiva’s words. “Love your friend as yourselves” has this situation gotten to such a point.
    If we would all love others just as we do ourselves, we wouldn’t be selfish and vaccinate ourselves and our children, regardless of all the uncomfortable reactions. This way we are protecting everyone, even those that are medically unable to vaccinate. That is a sacrifice that all those uncomfortable taking the shot should think of. Think of all those children and adults who are unable to fight diseases, due to various issues. Let’s support them and protect them by vaccinating ourselves. Most people I know did not get more than a bit of fever for a few days due to the shot, and that is only some of the people – many got not reaction just a bit of discomfort at the injection site. Even if you feel it is unhealthy, do it for your community, for those who their body cannot fight diseases. Anything more drastic is not necessarily due to the vaccine (as has been proven over and over again).
    BTW: It is very unfortunate, but people do have issues that develop later in life regardless if they vaccinated or not. These issues are not related to vaccines (as proven over and over again). The natural thing is for the unfortunate family to need something to blame, thereby Joining and expanding the anti vax community.

  12. leah1532, Apples to oranges. Inaccurate analogizes, insulting, and degrading comment you wrote.
    1. Most pro-vaxxers in this forum are not singling out a fragment of the anti-vaxx Jewish community, but are condoning all peoples who don’t choose to vaccinate. I don’t care which faith or religion someone belongs to, if they don’t practice what the Medical Community and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends, then I condone them greatly.
    2. Rabbi Akiva’s words. “Love your friend as yourselves” is a precious and valuable phrase which we should emulate in life. It has no precedent here, with regards to endangering one’s children or family to illness and disease. We must respect and understand our differences, but there is no “loving another as yourself” when antivaxxers have A. Broken the rules of certain Jewish schools policies of vaccination, and continued to send their children there. B. Bring lawsuits to the court of law of a yeshiva (taking their time, resources, money, and efforts away from teaching and paying Rabbeim) C. Broken the rules of a kosher restaurant requesting only vaccinated patrons patronize the eatery (not only disobeying and disrespecting the restaurant owner, but potentially his parnasah). Lets get real here!!
    3. I feel the exact opposite of you and feel it would be selfish if I didn’t vaccinate my toddler, and as a result he’d have to be potentially suffering in a hospital bed, doctors office, or in physical pain because of my selfishness. I don’t vaccinate children because it’s selfish or because I care what others would think, I do it because I love children and want them to remain healthy and not suffer with illness like many anti-vaxxers are at this moment.
    4. Those that can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons (established by a real medical doctor) is a different discussion and a case-by case basis. I know of at least two sleep away summer who have set up 2019 guidelines for this upcoming summer.
    5. Yes, after the shot it is possible to feel some pain in the arm or less commonly get a fever. Wearing teffilin for a while hurts my arm for a temporary amount of time also, should I forgo the lifelong benefits?
    6. I disagree that you believe the community is just looking for someone or something to blame. That is insulting to the dozens of yeshivas, seminaries, shuls, kollels, camps, restaurants, and businesses who have invested time, effort, and money taking the precautions to promote a safety policy. I really don’t think Rabbi Bender of Far Rockaway is just sitting around looking to blame someone (RE: vaccinations). What an insult!

  13. Anopinion: IThank you.’m not a Rav but it seems like motzei shem ra to publish the details online. Some people when they publish online do not realize that they are publishing to the whole world. Lashon hara causes worse than measles and I gave my children vaccines and had measles myself, ( at least that’s what a blood test said).

  14. to all those trying to protect the privacy or the חתן ומשפחתו: if more than 3 people know something it’s not לשון הרע if the כונה is לתועלת. TYW is trying to serve the public by stressing how much stress not vaxxing can cause. All the invitees to that wedding know why it was postponed, so it’s public knowledge already.