Planning Trumps Budget


The following article is part of a new series presented by Jewish Content Network which will discuss business ideas, marketing advice, and feature new business technologies, in an effort to help small business and organizations thrive and succeed.

People tell me all the time, “I can’t start marketing because I don’t have a large budget.”

This is absolutely not true.

So much of a campaign actually comes down to planning and execution, it’s wrong to believe that budget will necessarily indicate the outcome or success of a campaign.

I cannot tell you how many times a large budget campaign comes to me last minute asking me to help saving their campaign. It’s unrealistic to expect to just throw money at a campaign and expect success to arrive automatically, riding in on the coattails of your cash.

There is so much that goes into a good campaign. It needs well written materials. It needs good design. It needs foresight – nothing good ever gets done two hours after your deadline.

Most importantly, it needs a thorough understanding of your funnel: who is your audience and where they can be found online? Different potential customers will be found in different places, and must be spoken to in different ways.

Sometimes there’s no point in “being everywhere”, and instead, you’ll get much better results if you focus on the once place that will bring you the best results – which requires that you have clarity about your clients and strategy.

Here’s a checklist for you to run through when preparing your campaign’s strategy:

  • What opportunity are you trying to capitalize on?
  • What is the best communication channel to use?
  • What is your ultimate objective for this campaign?
  • What combination of ads will best compliment this campaign?
  • What messaging will best engage your audience?
  • What is your total budget?
  • What will constitute success for this campaign?

Proper campaigns need proper planning.

And if done right, a well planned and executed campaign with a medium budget can often outperform a large budget campaign that was just thrown together.

Chayale Kaufman is the Founder of the Jewish Content Network. Always on the lookout for latest digital marketing trends, Chayale aims to help businesses expand their presence and grow their business in the digital world.