HEARTSTOPPING FOOTAGE: Fugitive Shot After Pointing Gun at Officer’s Head, Leaving Her Begging For Life


Video of suburban Chicago police fatally shooting a Pennsylvania man wanted on a murder warrant shows an officer struggling with him after he pointed a gun at her head.

Lake County authorities released police videos Monday from the July 26 encounter. They show Lakemoor officer Brianna Tedesco approaching a parked car in which Kenneth Martell was sitting. Martell gives a fake name to Tedesco and hands her a piece of paper. That’s when he grabs a handgun and aims it at Tedesco. Investigators say Martell pulled the trigger, but the gun didn’t go off.

The video shows Tedesco fighting with Martell for control of the gun. Officer Anthony Loiacono approaches and shoots Martell once.

Prosecutors ruled Loiacono acted in self-defense.

Martell was suspected in the beating and stabbing death three days earlier of Theodore Garver during a robbery in Springboro, Pennsylvania.



  1. @Dr. Nat seeing your comment makes me think that maybe Dr. Nat doesn’t belong in the yeshiva world, or any decent human world, for that matter.

  2. Health, thanks for the support. I meant much more than that as well.

    To the rest of you hating crows, the officer has a right to be scared, and yes, there have been officers that have been shot, but a trained officer does not shriek and panic like that. Also, if the person meant to shoot, he will most likely have shot her already before she started screaming. Usually someone who points a weapon does not plan on discharging the weapon. So then there are other self-defense tactics that can be employed at close range. It’s very easy to write out speeding tickets, but it’s times like this when you see who is prepared and who is not. While I felt very sorry for this officer, she was definitely out of her game and not prepared for the job, as, I suspect, are most of her gender.

  3. Agreed that she didn’t seem like she knew what she was doing, she was probably new but that has nothing to do with the fact that she was a woman. Just as the fact that the criminal was a man. Can go both ways.

  4. “Dr. Nat”
    Like Dr. Pepper…..?
    smh…… something tells me this keyboard warrior would scream just like that with a weapon pointed at his/her face.

  5. Dr. Nat,
    Don’t see why you would need ‘support’. It’s mighty scary to read these comments here. Is ‘our’ crowd so influenced by the ‘gass’? It’s an established truth from the beginning of creation. Women are weaker physically and not as combatant (has anyone here seen the difference between a schoolyard of boys versus girls???)
    Of course there are men that are stronger than other men and it can happen to anyone, but as a rule of averages a man will be stronger than a women. Can you (brilliant commentators) imagine a full police force of women only? ever wonder why we don’t have that? [of course, male chauvinism] , Ever see a Swat team or NYC’s ESU unit?

  6. She then struggled with him over the gun trying to prevent him from clocking it. It was possibly her shrieking that saved her as it called the other officers attention immediately.

  7. She may scream, but she also fought the gunman the whole time – you can see that clearly in the video. How many of you brave men would have reacted differently?

    an Israeli Yid

  8. Six officers have been killed in the line of duty so far this year since January: 5 men 1 women.

    In my view, her yelling saved her life. There is no evidence had the officer been a man or acting differently, the officer wouldn’t have been killed. No do I see any reason to assume so. As I said, her yelling and behavior saved her life!

  9. she was smart and quick she grabbed the gun and tried taking it away if she would have ran she would be dead by now, if you had a gun faced at you i would like to see you not scream and plead for your life.