ARRESTED: Suspect in Drug Operation in Yerushalayim’s Bais Yisroel Neighborhood Arrested at Ben Gurion Airport


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An Israel Police spokesman reported that a man in his 20s was arrested at Ben-Gurion Airport when he returned to Israel, suspected of running a drug lab in the heart of a chareidi neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Police raided the home of the suspect and they confiscated 26kg (57 lbs.) of “dangerous drugs”, marijuana plants. The suspect’s remand was extended during his arraignment hearing on Sunday, January 13, 2019.

According to the police report, on December 18, 2018, a storeroom in Jerusalem’s Beis Yisrael neighborhood was raided after a reliable tip directed them to the site, which reportedly was a base for a drug lab.

During the search of the facility, police confiscated marijuana and paraphernalia, along with related equipment required for growing, processing and selling the drug.

The owner is not from the community, but a resident of Maale Adumim. He is charged with renting the storeroom in a building in the frum neighborhood to operate the drug lab.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “dangerous drugs”, marijuana plants

    Is this saying they found dangerous drugs AND marijuana plants? Or are the Israeli police trying to allege that marijuana itself is somehow a dangerous drug?

  2. Oh for goodness sakes it was a grow. Do you call a field of tomatoes a vegetable manufacturing lab? Last time I checked the state of Israel grows and distributes MJ to it’s citizens. Israel is also one of the world leaders in MJ research.

  3. Agree. They should see all the tax revenue CO and CA and many other US states are taking in from legalizing. Then they can go back to just confiscating people’s stuff for not paying tax, instead of arresting them for this “dangerous drug”. It reduces epileptic seizures by ninety percent among many many other things with no side effects. The police clearly have too much time on their hands.