MAILBAG: Orthodox Jewish U.S. Soldier Protests YWN’s “Leftist Bias” Towards President Trump


Dear YWN,

Your leftist bias is unacceptable.

As an Orthodox Jew and US Army soldier I must protest your biased, mislead, egregious treatment of our lawfully elected and current sitting President the Honorable Donald J. Trump.

You have expressly declared your status as un-American. You have published lies and express falsehoods about our President and his family.

I and so many others reject you and your writers.

Recommend you experience a reality check. Visit and pay homage to the buried soldiers at your local National Veterans Cemetery, walk among the honorable fallen.

You can never reach their height of stature.

Please G-d bless America.

Michael Young/Major/US Army Res. 339th CSH DET 1

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Fact check. The writer gives no examples to support his feelings. I haven’t found YWN to have leftists views or to be biased against the president. Did I miss something?

  2. I agree with the writer (and thank you for your service)!

    While I agree with YWN trying to become a balanced reporter by aiming to present both sides of the story, however by quoting direct stories which are obviously biased, YWN is not accomplishing balanced reporting.

    It rather becomes as many Jewish or other reporters/politicians/celebraties have been in the past – they go to the other extreme – against what they stood for.

  3. I thank you for your service and Hashem should protect you and all American’s in the military.

    America is a democracy and is built on a system of checks and balances. The press and congress are part of that system.

    No president is beyond criticism .

  4. I agree with the writer, but he doesn’t seem to realize that YWN simply republishes AP’s “news” feed untouched. YWN only provides the headlines, and perhaps cuts out words and passages it deems inappropriate for its audience. It’s AP that is putting out unabashed Democrat propaganda. This does not excuse YWN; knowing what AP is doing, it should not blindly republish the feed, it should edit out the leftist spin; but that would be too much work.

  5. thank you for your service to our country. that being said, how come you never wrote an article slamming the “biased, mislead, egregious treatment of our lawfully elected and (former) current sitting President Obama”? The daily attacks by YWN against Obama? Where were you then?

    Oh I see.

    Trump moves an embassy and pardons Rubashkin and he is god.

    The man, whom I voted for, and will vote for again if there is no GOP challanger, is a raging roaring lunatic. It’s sad and pathetic to see orthodox jews all goo-goo-ga-ga over this man. Distruirbing at the least. the man is a compulsive liar, a total showman, with zero class. and yes, obama who i utterly despised as an anti-semite, has 100000000000 times more class then this bafoon.

    so lets call a spade a spade, you didnt attack ywn in the obama days. but now you do.

    you are another cool-aid drinking pathetic fool.

    thank you for your service

  6. I never saw YWN bei anti-Trump. Anyone know what this guy wants? Did he just stumble across one AP article? What about the hundreds of MAGA headlines every time the economy explodes or Trump scores another great job? Or the Rasmussen polls praising Trump’s great work?

  7. YWN is force-feeding AP anti-Trump propaganda ad nauseum.
    Most probably to stir the pot, get posters to respond, up the clicks, get ads and $$. This is a business.

  8. Major Young: Thank you for your service.

    Your future vote for him notwithstanding, you’re a template of the Trump haters.. Raving, hocking, foaming at the mouth with expletive wannabee words, and never showing evidence . Not a thing. They can never prove anything, and that’s why their almost suicidal frustration.

    “……It’s sad and pathetic to see orthodox jews all goo-goo-ga-ga ….. blah, blah, blah.”
    Here’s a virtual Kleenex and a maudlin song..

  9. I agree. I didn’t vote for Trump, I consider myself somewhat of a neutral observer. Yes, he did immoral things before coming into office, and that’s why I didn’t vote for him, but Clinton did disgusting things in office and the media barely said anything. Obama, however he presented himself, was a traitor to our country on numerous occasions. Trump however, is continuously bashed and lied about. Millions, perhaps even billions of dollars have been spent in ongoing investigations of which no proof has ever been found of his wrongdoing, but I’m not uncertain that this witch hunt will not end with nothing being pinned on him. The media continous to bash him, and YWN also spreads these lies when they copy the liberal media outlets, intentionally or not, it doesn’t matter.

  10. Soldier – “the honorable Drumpf” refered to a 4 star general as a dog. He attacked the heros of the Navy Seal team that assassinated Osama Bin Laden. He fraudulently got himself a draft deferment. There is nothing liberal or left wing in calling out the egregious and obnoxious behavior of Drumpf.

  11. The only things wackier than this post are some of the comments. If YWN is a left-wing anti-Trump web site, then I am a monkey’s nephew. (We know from evolution and paleontology that monkeys came before humans, so we must be nephew/neices, not uncles. And, yes, I also believe in the truth of the Torah. Ask me how, if you promise to read a very long disquisition.)

  12. Once upon a time, there was something like honesty, respect, dialogue , people were able to agree to disagree … nowadays since Trump came to power… ‘Truth isnt Truth’ and there is ‘alternative facts’.. And when any news org is doing some actual simple reporting and it doesnt fit their agenda, then right away all scream: Fake news! Biased!

  13. I am endebted to all men and woman who in the words of Chris Kyle “sign a blank check to the military, up to and including their life”.
    These men and woman are also fighting and dying for my constitutional right to criticize the commander in chief as I see fit.
    They are living an ideal that the current commander in chief tried his hardest to avoid.
    They know who the real enemy of this country is. They would not commit HIGH TREASON to snuggle up with vladimir putin and make us look like unichs in Helsinky.
    They would not “fall in love ” with the mass murderer of north korea, just because of some flattery.
    And they serve with honor next to fellow Americans of the opposite gender, unlike the UTTERLY SHAMEFULL lifetime of documented beastiality that the current commander in chief has inflicted on women in his orbit.
    The fact that he was elected by an undemocratic electoral collage is a disgrace to our country.
    The fact that so many frum yidden swoon over him is a desacration of G-ds Name.
    And the fact that you elevate this cesspool to the level of our fallen Heros in Arlington National cemetary is a disgrace to their sacrafice.

  14. if any goy would accidentally stumble on YWN comments section he would doubt that 80% of Nobel Prose winners are Jews. Some of the above comments prove that.

  15. chareidi amiti, RE”These men and woman are also fighting and dying for my constitutional right”. …” The fact that he was elected by an undemocratic electoral collage is a disgrace to our country”. Your comments prove that you are a honorary member of the Village Idiots club. You even do not know what Constitution says about US elections.

  16. It always bothered me that YWN brings AP articles to cover political news, and almost only AP. However, I don’t see it as bias, but just as their way of bringing relevant news. They probably feel that if AP wrote it – that’s got to e the news, or at least pretty close to it.

    But I’d like to point out to YWN that times have changed. Even leftist institutions that use to act professionally are now suffering from sever TDS and are totally wacky. A good example is yesterday’s headline of how Trump “dodges the question if he worked for Russia”, when any rational person listening to it doesn’t at all feel he was dodging the question. These people do not live in our planet, and our planets are drifting further and further away from each other, and fast.

    Dear YWN – time to re-thing this habit.

  17. “Recommend you experience a reality check. Visit and pay homage to the buried soldiers at your local National Veterans Cemetery, walk among the honorable fallen.”

    Unless it is raining because honorable people like Trump cant pay respect to fallen heros when they may get wet.

  18. Unfortunately the reporting of demonstrable undeniable facts, the lies trump tells constantly for example, upsets some of those who refuse to use their seichel and common sense and obligation to emes. Alma d’shikra is a description of this world, not an invitation to be part of it.

  19. NO-Shaychis
    How do you know that he didn’t in fact write to attack the treatment of Obama only that YWN didn’t print it?
    Base on only your assumption you went ahead and attacked the writer in public as being a fool.
    Only it seems that you are the one drinking lib cool aid.
    It’s totally consistent with the way all the lib news reports it — by assumption.
    Don’t forget to make a bracha acharona on the cool aid. Or do you ever stop drinking?

  20. SEICHAL IN GALUS-learn why and how the electoral college ended up as the way we do things and then explain to me how that is real democracy.
    Or put in a way you can understand, why a few thousand village idiots in Florida decide the presidential election every few years.
    If you are so commited to the tzeduki approach to an unchanging constitution, then perhaps you should take aways womens right to vote? Or the 15th amendment too?

  21. So chared-amiti wants to abolish the Electoral College because of the Floridian village idiots, but wants the NY & CA leftist village idiots to decide the election instead. What he doesn’t get is after that, they’ll abolish 1st amendment also ( some Dem fascists are already talking about it) followed by the entire Constitution altogether.
    Don’t worry buddy, the country’s heading there… So the day’ll come when you post something on a blog, the Demofascists will spare no effort in tracking you down, bash your door down at 3 am, and haul you , re-cycled all gender -neutral pajama’d & all, to a Wyoming gulag & reeducation camp..
    Don’t worry, there’ll be minyanim there… trainloads of Yiddishe libs who didn’t want to see it coming…

  22. …and NY , as we see, is already under and will only get worse..
    In 6 years , you’ll get your wish.. You can move to nice towns in Jersey, Yahoopitz, Trumbenick, and the devil will be yapping at your heels anyway. The light you wish to see at the end of this tunnel is a mirage, cuzz it’s really an oncoming train. ‘Thar she blows…!

  23. I think YWN tries to come off as fair and balanced, so they put out articles by AP. They fail to realise that these articles are liberal talking points. That’s my דן לכף זכות. It is possible that some Dem askonim try controlling the narrative.

  24. Hey Shaychis, you are bashing a president who actually cares about jews. Your argument is the outline for a liberal. You are ranting about him as a person. Remember, he is not a politician, so that already makes him a lot more truthful than anyone in the government. If you dont like a president who actually cares about the safety of his country, why are you still here? He has also created more than 2.5 MILLION jobs since he took office, if you have gotten a nice raise during his presidency or had less taxes to pay, it is because of him. So complaining like a baby and deal with it, America elected him, so America can elect someone else soon.