FRIGHTENING FOOTAGE: Toddler OK After Tumbling From Moving Vehicle


Authorities in Minnesota say a 2-year-old child is OK after tumbling from the back seat of a moving vehicle while still strapped in a car seat.

Dashcam video captured the moment the car seat and toddler rolled out of the vehicle on Monday as the vehicle turned a corner on a street in Mankato. Witness Chad Mock was driving behind the car. He stopped his vehicle and ran to the child’s aid.

Police and paramedics responded and checked the child for injuries. Officials say the child’s mother was driving the vehicle. Mock tells KMSP-TV a woman later walked back to get the toddler.

Police say the child was properly strapped into the car seat, but that the car seat wasn’t fastened to the seat in the vehicle.



  1. Oh for Pete’s Sake!!!! What is the matter with people? Other than the fact a head of cabbage has more sense than this child’s mother I mean!!

    It would have been safer to simply buckle the child up in a regular seat belt than it was to place her in an unsecured car seat. You have to slam on your brakes for whatever reason and the car seat goes flying. Worse, you get into a motor vehicle accident and your child, strapped into her unsecured car seat becomes a flying projectile, a missile at whatever speed the vehicle was travelling at the time of the collision. There is no safety in a car seat that hasn’t been properly secured to the car’s frame. None! SMARTEN UP!!!!