Miami Hotel Apologizes To Jewish Guests Following Anti-Semitic Act


Following the recent disturbing Anti-Semitic incident at a Miami hotel, they hotel has apologized to their Jewish guests.

As YWN had reported, a Jewish couple from New York along with their 12-year old daughter and 11-month old infant were horrified at the discovery of Nazi swastika symbols drawn on the side of their baby’s mattress supplied by the hotel.

The attached letter (seen below) was placed under every door in the hotel on Tuesday morning.

The letter was transcribed by YWN:

January 29th, 2019

Dear Guests,

An Anti-Semitic offense was recently perpetrated at our hotel.

We will not stand for any kind of hatred, religious or otherwise and we are deeply offended by what has happened. The owner of the hotel is a decorated WWII veteran, who escaped the Nazis and lost his own father in Auschwitz. He is deeply upset by this incident.

We have requested that the local police investigate the matter, which they are treating as a crime against the hotel. We are assisting them in every way we can.

Currently it is not known who is responsible. As part of our response, we will be conducting training for all our staff so that they fully understand the seriousness of this matter, the consequences of such hate and that there is no place for this type of behavior.

we apologize to all our guests and anyone else who has been offended and renew our welcome to guests of the Jewish community to stay with us.

Grand Beach Hotel, Surfside.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)