HATE IN CROWN HEIGHTS: Violent Gang Viciously Attacks Two Jewish Men


Two Jewish men were left bloody and lying on the floor, after a violent gang viciously attacked them in two separate incident in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.

According to CHI, the first attack occurred just after 1:00AM on President Street near Albany Avenue.

The first victim, an older man, was pushed to the ground before being pummeled mercilessly with punches and kicks to his face and body. The beating, caught on video, only ended when the three suddenly broke away and fled.

Just a few minutes later, the gang targeted a second man. The second victim was younger, and put up a fight, screaming for help and struggling with them.

Witnesses and victims immediately called 911 and Crown Heights Shomrim, who were both there in moments.

As they canvassed the area looking for the gang, a group matching the description of the gang was located on Crown St and Troy Ave. When the NYPD stopped the group, they attempted to flee. Two were caught, while the third got away.

Shomrim, working with the police, were able to bring both victims to the 71st precinct where they positively identified their attackers.

No words were spoken during the beatings, and the gang did not attempt to take any belongings from the victims.

Video footage of one of the assaults was obtained by Crown Heights Shomrim.

NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force will be investigating the assaults.

(Source: CHI)


  1. Guess what folks its time to carry some defensive stuff like mace or perhaps a firearm. Some training in martial arts cant hurt. There are many fine Jewish places that offer martial arts. Sowhat are you waiting for (besides for Moshiach of course)

  2. The job of leaders in NY is to ensure these animals get locked up for many many years. We don’t need press conferences. Your action is what counts. Your inaction is what leads to these acts. I can’t believe what is going on in CH, I remember this stuff from when I was a kid growing up in Boro Park. This should not be going on in 2019. Get that third animal, if it means waterboarding the other two – so be it. Wild animals need to be dealt with as such. And lock all three up for many years, not months.

  3. From what I see going on in America — Crown Heights, Florida, Pittsburgh, etc… Hashem Yishmoreinu.

    We must learn from the past…study history and apply it to understand what might be in the future.

    My brothers and sisters, what is going on in America is reminiscent of Germany in the early 1930s — especially in the VERY beginning of Nazi Germany. Hashem should protect us wherever we are found.