Are There Any Jews On The Super Bowl Winning Patriots Team Besides Owner Robert Kraft?

AT THE KOSEL: Julian Edelman (right), Robert Kraft (left)

Jews around the world were talking about the Super Bowl winning New England Patriots, and the Jews that were part of the team.

First off there is team-owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft grew up in an observant Jewish home, has been an outspoken supporter of Israel and has arranged trips for NFL Hall of Famers to the Holy Land. Kraft was awarded Israel’s 2019 Genesis Prize in recognition of his philanthropy and commitment to combating anti-Semitism.

The $1 million award, widely known as the “Jewish Nobel” prize, is granted each year to a person recognized as an inspiration to the next generation of Jews through professional achievement and commitment to Jewish values.

This past Friday, a video went viral on social media of a “kvittel” being placed in the Kosel on behalf of Mr. Kraft. (YWN has not confirmed that Kraft actually requested this be done).

Yeshiva University celebrated its 85th Commencement Ceremony on May 25, 2016 at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Robert Kraft, founder, chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group and owner of the New England Patriots, delivered the keynote address and received an honorary doctorate. The speech was filled with Hebrew words.

Kraft got emotional when he spoke about his father, the former lay leader at Congregation Kehillath Israel in Brookline, Massachusetts, with whom he’d study Torah and Pirkei Avos with.

Meanwhile, Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman caused social media to light up with Jewish pride. Many were ecstatic about the ‘Jewish’ player that had been given the MVP award, with prominent news sites calling him “the first Jewish Super Bowl MVP”.

After the game, an interviewer asked Edelman how he felt about earning the MVP award.

“It sounds crazy, it sounds crazy. 2018. L’Chaim!” he said.

Edelman has on many occasions displayed his love for Israel, and made many openly pro-Jewish remarks.

In a 2014 game, Edelman wore an Israeli flag-shaped pin, he has tweeted about Jewish holidays, went on a birthright-sponsored trip to Israel, and wrote a children’s book about that mentioned Theodor Herzl.

After the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting in October that killed 11 Jews, he wore special cleats with Hebrew on them to honor the victims.

But many on social media were debating if Edelman is in fact Jewish.

The player himself made the following statement after the 2012 Superbowl, which he also played in as a member of the Patriots:

“Well, I’m not completely Jewish, if you know what I mean. I know people want me to be. My father is Jewish. My mother isn’t. I’ve been asked this before. I guess you could say I’m kind of Jewish but not really.”

According to Halacha (Jewish law), one must have Jewish mother to be considered Jewish.

For those unaware, the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award, or Super Bowl MVP, is presented annually to the most valuable player of the Super Bowl, the National Football League’s (NFL) championship game. The winner is chosen by a fan vote during the game and by a panel of 16 football writers and broadcasters who vote after the game.


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WATCH: #Patriots’ star wide receiver Julian Edelman wore a team #Israel hat after his team’s win against the #Packers on Sunday night, to pay tribute to the victims shooting in #Pittsburgh. . The hat, from the World Baseball Classic, features a Star of David in the center. Edelman, whose father is #Jewish, denounced the attack and let those impacted by the shooting know that he’s with them. “You know, I’m just letting the people out in Pittsburgh know I’m thinking about them,” Edelman told reporters. “I’m sending vibes and they’re in our prayers. It was a big hit to the community, and it’s uncalled for. So, I’m just letting let them know: ‘Hey, I’m behind you and I’m supporting.'” @edelman11

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  1. Yup, I see I was right. So, you concocted a “back door” method to report on the Super Bowl, which is staggeringly important for the good of Klal Yisroel. BTW, this Edelman character is obviously not Jewish. Just as the Super Bowl isn’t, no matter how you try to re-package it.
    Indeed, yeshiva world news

  2. 1000% right @american yerushalmi just readign these comments and you couldnt be more right, where are your hashkafic values ywn? righting about jewish cultural pride under the name yeshiva world? you sound conservative in your article.

  3. It seems Edelman is an ‘Edel man’, he has a shtikal Aneevis and does the right thing and doesn’t care what the world thinks. He supports the Yidden and wears cleats with Etz chaim.

  4. The commencement speech above is good. The marching music was all a cappella, because it took place during sefira (the day before Lag BaOmer). Start listening at about 47:00, and then the president’s devar Torah starts about 1:50:00

  5. To Yerushalmi: First you complain that YWN’s coverage of Groundhog Day is not appropriate for a frum website. Now you kvetch about a superbowl related story. I am fairly certain that there were more rabbonim, askanim and bnai torah surreptitiously watching the Super Bowl on Sunday as compared to the numbers sneaking out of Kiddush club Shabbos morning to query goyim on the street if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.

  6. it seems pepole are proud of his achievements because of his conection to jewdisim
    Hitler Y.M.S.vZ did from outside what this mans father did from inside
    and we are drawing attention to it
    and proud of it too R”L

  7. Loshenhora: Your comment and vile comparison of Edelman’s father to Hitler, Y’S, is disgusting, but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised considering its source. Edelman has shown himself to be an exemplary and generous person and extremely talented athlete who has chosen to identify with the Yiddeshkeit of his father even if he is not a yid under halacha. He had no role in his father’s decision as to whom to marry. I won’t attribute your stupidity and lack of menschlichkeit to any children you might have since they deserve better.

  8. @the moderater
    would have thought that a personal attack is not orthdox and you are so called an orthdox news site suppose the rebe maig

  9. Gadol: some people kvetch about too much goyishkeit; some people kvetch about too much frumkeit (“extremism”). 🙂
    Although you are probably unfortunately right about Super Bowl viewers, a website like YWN carries a certain amount of weight in forming peoples’ attitudes toward Yiddishkeit. What people do privately is one thing. But, writing about it in positive, encouraging manner on a website can send a negative chinuch message especially to young people. They’ll think, “well, if Yeshiva World thinks it’s OK, must be OK.” Not a great message to be broadcasting.
    I’m just waiting to see what’s going to happen in a few months with the filthy Eurovision chazerei coming up. How many Jews will be involved with that? Hashem yishmor.

  10. I think one of the few areas of agreement among most posters here has been that the shoah, Hitler, etc. was a unique event in the history of the world and should NEVER be analogized or referenced by ANYONE with comparability to any other contemporary event, no matter how strongly we feel. Comments by politicians making such analogies have drawn universal criticism but it seems some yiddin can’t help themselves and invoke these references to demonstrate how strongly they feel on an issue even if it means demeaning and devaluing the memory of the kedoshim.

  11. If a pig believes its a cow, the pig is still not kosher. Same with Edelman. He might be a really nice person but he’s not a Jew nor should ppl call him one

  12. Hitler was amolek
    when a yid marries out he kills off yiddishkite. American yidden have done as much damage to our numbers as Hitler did, although over a longer period of time. To be proud of the achievements of the children of men who married out is not acceptable , however well behaved the fruits are, for so-called frum jews or a so-called frum media site its even worse to try and assosiate with the broken chain for which my forefathers gave their lives to protect

  13. Bigissy…..when the secular media refer to someone as “Jewish” they are doing so in a cultural context rather than first having checked with their l R/P and inserting a caveat as to his not being a REAL yid under halacha. Likewise, on the rare occasions when the editors choose to post an article from the secular media or about a secular subject, they assume that the vast majority of readers here know the difference w/o their having to include a warning such as they do when they post an article about some looney tune guys trying to sneak a goat up to har habayis to bring a korban (To all Readers: Gadolim hold that doing so is chayav kores etc.). Sadly, we all know that a large percentage of so called “Jewish celebrities” referenced the media may be “Jewish” by not Yiddin al pi halacaha.

  14. well, he has a long beard, so, maybe he is trying to look jewish??–this is such nonsense–HE never said he was jewish, just that he has a jewish father–STOP this silly nonsense–HE is NOT JEWISH!!!!!–Nice guy though.