NYC To Pay Back Over $5 Million In Superstorm Sandy Funds


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New York City has reached a tentative settlement to pay back $5.3 million obtained through fraudulent claims to the Federal Emergency Management Agency after Superstorm Sandy.

The New York Times says the city got relief funds for supposedly storm-damaged Department of Transportation vehicles that had actually been out of use before Sandy hit in 2012.

The city says a deputy commissioner “lacked personal knowledge about the vehicles” and did not direct employees to inspect them before signing the paperwork.

The federal government filed a civil fraud lawsuit on Wednesday but also submitted the proposed settlement to a judge.

The transportation department says it has cooperated with federal prosecutors since learning of the situation in 2016 and has instituted stronger oversight procedures.



  1. If Orthodox jews were involved people would be going to jail but now that it is NYC – they will just return the money (without interest) and the people responsible will walk away scott free.