WATCH: Woman Attacked By Jaguar She Tried Taking a Selfie With


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A woman on a trip to an Arizona zoo with her son and grandchildren reacted swiftly when a jaguar attacked another visitor who had crossed a barrier to take a selfie with the wild animal.

Michele Flores said Monday she grabbed a water bottle from a stroller and put it through an enclosure, distracting the jaguar.

The cat took one paw from the woman in the enclosure, but the other got stuck in her sleeve until Flores’ son helped pull her to safety.

The jaguar then grabbed the bottle and walked away.

“If it’s my own kids I would have frozen scared to death but since it wasn’t, it was OK, I knew I had to try something,” Flores said.

Flores’ son Adam Wilkerson later took widely circulated video showing the injured woman on the ground with deep gashes and blood, writhing in pain. Wilkerson said he heard screams for help and didn’t think when he ran to help the woman.

The attack occurred Saturday at Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park, a privately owned facility outside Phoenix.

The woman suffered deep cuts and was recovering. She has not been identified.

The zoo has said the jaguar never left its enclosure and won’t be euthanized.

A spokeswoman said the injured visitor had returned to the facility and said she felt bad about the publicity it was getting. The zoo issued a statement Monday on Twitter thanking people who supported the company for not euthanizing the jaguar.

“The person involved met privately with zoo officials to acknowledge her regret for her role in the past weekend’s event,” said the statement, which wasn’t attributed to a specific person.

The zoo is home to 600 exotic and endangered species, with a total of 6,000 animals, including leopards, lions, white tigers and ocelots.



  1. She is apparently stupider than she looks however she admits she was in the wrong and is brave to go public to send the message that it wasnt worth it.
    I wish her a refuah shelaimah and safe selfies for the future

  2. Ohevet Yisroel,
    Don’t you understand? she feels bad for the bizayon that she caused to the poor jaguar. Now the jaguar is going to think that everyone looking at it wants it dead r’l.
    She originally thought that putting herself in danger to promote jaguarism to the world was a very worthy cause. Now that she sees that the plan backfired against the jaguar she has charata for her actions.
    We learn from this story that we have to carefully consider all the repercussions of our actions to prevent any wrong even in the most indirect way.

  3. Bad Headline
    ‘Woman Attacked By Jaguar’ – attacked?! She breached his territory, crossed the barrier, the chaya was merely protecting itself.
    ‘She Tried Taking a Selfie’ – why oh why oh why, craaaazy craaaaazy craaaaaaazy, what was she thinking???
    What do people even see in selfies?? its the stupidest thing ever, pictures never come out nice anyway…..anyone?