WATCH: Hasidic Jew Makes Bracha on Seeing Canada’s Prime Minister, Trudeau Asks Him The Meaning!


Avrumi Halperin, a well-known Badchen, made a Baracha upon seeing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Montreal on Sunday.

Not only did Trudeau hear him call out “ברוך…שנתן מכבודו לבשר ודם”, but he walked away from his waiting vehicle to ask the meaning of the Bracha.


  1. This is exactly how we need to treat the leaders in golus
    Yaakov gave Eisov Matonos.. That’s the language they understand

    we should still vote for conservatives

  2. Even without Shem U’Malchus, he got the beracha wrong. He said “…l’melech bosor v’dam.” There’s no “melech” in the beracha! Also, his translation of m’kvodo was “wisdom.” It’s actually “glory.”

  3. Nice story. A few months back Trudeau did a nice job standing up to BDS supporters and publicly rebuking them. He has increased child care benefits which help many large frum families in Canada. He deserves respect and it is nice to see such positive interactions.

  4. Canada is a liberal country. It is only because the left splits its vote between the Liberals, NDP and Green party that the Conservatives ever have a chance to win. Even today with various Liberal scandals the Tories cannot break 40% in the polls. Trudeau has done a fine job. The economy is strong, the housing market is booming and many of the liberal poicies especially with regard to child benefits have been a boon for frum families. No need to demonize Trudeau. Best to keep the poisiounous political rhethoric south of the border.

  5. “Canada is a liberal country” Because Of SCC

    ” It is only because the ” RIGHT “splits its vote between ” Tory Blue And Quebec Bleu That Canada Became Liberal

  6. I B”H have a filter so I didn’t actually see the video but read the report which said he made a brocha.
    I encourage all my fellow yidden to block utube at least on your phone.

  7. @lakewhut, I’m not sure if you are aware but the US president is one of the most powerful men. Not really sure why you are comparing the prime minister to the president. Ignorant