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ALERT – Suspect Wanted For Inappropriately Touching Women on Flatbush Streets

The man in the attached photo is wanted for numerous disturbing incidents in the past week.

Flatbush Shomrim received many reports that he inappropriately touched women – including one on Monday morning on Avenue L and East 29 Street. In fact Shomrim and the NYPD had the man stopped, but there was not enough evidence to make an arrest. Since Monday morning, additional victims have come forward and filed complaints with the NYPD.

If you see this man, please call 911 and then Flatbush Shomrim 24 hour emergency hotline at 718-338-9797 immediately.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. never mind shomrim or the police,we all know this creep will be let out by some leftist deranged so called judge,
    if you happen to see this animal,the only thing to do is get together a posse with a couple of baseball bats,and break a couple of arms and legs,and maybe loosen a couple of his rotten teeth,guaranteed this will be the last time this animal will dare to show his ugly face in a jewish neighborhood ,.
    This is exactly what was done by the chasidim in Wmsbg back in the 60’s when crime was rampant,and it sure worked

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