ANOTHER GENIUS: Watch This Williamsburg Anti-Vaxxer “Community Activist” Give Media Interview

Photo screengrab from YouTube video via Shimon Gifter

Isaac Abraham, a Williamsburg “community activist”, who has been giving media interviews for many years, had some choice words for NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio in this interview.

For reasons unknown, the media has been going to Abraham for statements for decades, as if he was appointed by the community, when in fact, he is speaking for himself.

At the end of the interview, the potty-mouthed Abraham compared the recent Rockland County ban on unvaccinated people visiting public places to what the Nazis Y”MS did.

It seems that the Satmar Shita of “Hisgares Be’umos” only applies to their hatred of Israel.

This interview follows the interviews on Tuesday given by multiple Chassidish anti-vaxxer mothers from Williamsburg.

As YWN reported on Tuesday, health officials ordered nearly everyone in the heavily Orthodox-Jewish Williamsburg neighborhood to be vaccinated for measles or face $1000 fines, reviving a public-health strategy that experts say hasn’t been used in the U.S. in recent memory.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Here is a modest proposal. Perhaps out of town communities can require meshulachim from affected areas to bring proof of vaccination before they can collect in these communities. After all, perhaps these individuals are also anti-vaxxers, and they may be carriers.

  2. This man is a moron and thinks he’s so smart
    But really just the opposite
    I’m losing faith in my religion from all these uneducated people

  3. This guy is nuts! It all started, supposedly, with an anti-vaxxer travelling from Israel by plane and exposing others to the measles. By the way, when was the last time that we heard about the spread of measles in such epidemic proportions? For generations children have been vaccinated and the measles was eradicated. My daughter teaches in schools. When 3-4 kids in her class came down with the chicken pox they checked these children’s medical records and found they had not been vaccinated against the chicken pox. By the way, autism does not appear suddenly up to five years after bein vaccinated as he says. A child is born autistic. I DON”T want my children going to school and being exposed to the measles because of some parents being stupid enough to blame a vaccine on their children’s inadequacies or health issues. How about the polio vaccine? Polio has been eradicated due the the polio vaccine. Did this guy not vaccinate his kids?

  4. If I can’t send peanut butter to my kids school, then you can’t send your unvaccinated child to school. Vaccinate or I’m sending the Jiffy.

  5. “It seems that the Satmar Shita of “Hisgares Be’umos” only applies to their hatred of Israel.”
    It seems that the author lacks intellectual honesty, on the one hand he correctly asserts that Mr Abraham doesn’t represent anyone but on the other hand he rips all of satmar because of Abraham.
    Dear author : Didn’t it occur to you that Abraham doesn’t represent satmar either?

  6. A man with very little knowledge of science and medicine, very limited wisdom of Torah and Derech Eretz, a real Chillul Hashem publically embarrassing many in the frum world. A disgrace to real survivors of the torture by Hitler and the Nazis, still suffering today. I wish him a sincere Refuah Shleima.

  7. This guy is a total ignorant idiot! He knows nothing about vaccines, nothing about legislation, and nothing about the vaccine-preventable diseases! How could any news station, reputable or otherwise, give this fool the time of day? He’s only magnified the already-terrible Chillul Hashem that these anti-vaxxer reshaim have foisted upon the Jewish community. And, WOMEN from Williamsburg being interviewed and speaking publicly??!! Obviously they are only posing as religious people-they can’t really be religious!

  8. This old dude is making such a fool out of himself.
    He has zero knowledge about vaccines, if he thinks they cause harm in 4-5 years, let me enlighten him! I am around with vaccines for 30 years already!!!
    Zaidy, get the facts straight, please.

  9. YWN You are contradicting yourself. You say “in fact, he is speaking for himself”, then you say “the Satmar Shita” This just shows your hate for Satmer.

  10. Ywn can do a better job then using baby language. ” Potty mouthed”. Putting someone down publicly is never allowed in any venue. Maybe YWN needs to rethink before publicly shamming someone. A Yid is a Yid.

  11. Isaac Abraham, you made your point very well, except you need to clean up your language. The mayor I agree is a looser. There is nothing sincere about him. As far as Trump building a wall, maybe he should begin by building a 20 foot high wall around Mayor DeBlasio

  12. Isaac Abraham, you made your point very well, except you need to clean up your language. The mayor I agree is a looser. There is nothing sincere about him.
    As far as Trump building a wall, maybe he should begin by building a 20 foot high wall around Mayor DeBlasio, and I’m sure there are many nice folks living in Williamsburg and the adjacent neighborhoods that would be glad to pay for it.

  13. From where do chassidim even get such a mishugaas in the first place? In the rest of the country it’s found primarily among new-age types, anti-science leftists like RFK Jr, and a little bit on the very fringe of the right, the preppers, sovereign citizens, etc. I expected that in the frum community this would be found primarily among BTs who used to be hippies, new-agers, alternative-medicine types, etc., or those who were influenced by them. Vi azoi kimt es tzi Satmer?

  14. YWN you have to be more carefull how you write about another yid regardless of his points and views
    This may get into a serious issue of Lashon Hora.

  15. As expected… the LASHON HARA scream is the typical response.

    No, there is no din of lashon hara when there is no other option then to do what YWN did. These people are endangering all our lives. YWN keep it up, and do not back down.

    Not even talking about the colossal chillul hashem this man made.

  16. I’m sorry to say but this article in Yeshiva world News sounds like its coming straight out of the hate filled New York Post . The way this whole article is written is disgusting , regardless of your difference of opinion with 2 or 3 people in Williamsburg .
    You can still correct this and stop these hate filled articles in the future

  17. BTW, any new mother going to Eishes Chayil after the birth of a baby has to send proof of vaccination upon applying. There is no way that they would risk having a mother bring in this virulent disease.

    Isaac Abraham was never a spokesman for Satmar. He likes the camera and the publicity but never was a representative of either side.

    As an all-on-board vaxxer, I would like to add that there are many non-Jewish health nuts who would never consider vaccinating their children. The reason we are getting the blame is because we are always in such close vicinity with each other. Schools have packed classes, buses, shuls, and simchas. That means that all bugs and illnesses spread so rapidly. Also, we live in densely populated and concentrated areas which means that the CDC can track and pinpoint clusters of diseases immediately.

  18. The vaccination rate in the Chasidic community, whether Williamsburg, Monsey, Satmar, Bobov, etc. are ALL in the very high 80 or 90 percentages. The anti-vaxxers in these communities are ONLY a small minority.

    This point is important to note.

  19. Sad and sick, they dont represent Torah and shouldnt place their sick choices on their spiritual beleifs as Jews , Its true you cant fix stupid but why let them represent the Jewish community?, Where are the Rabbanim and Leaders (Organizations) to take out full page ads endorsing responsible parenting, encouraging responsible vaccinations and declaring these individuals as not representing Torah Values.

  20. To 1818:
    You loosing faith in your religion?
    I have an idea for you . Become Isis or Al Quida and probably your kids will blow themselves up and they won’t spread the measles to anyone else.
    Hashem went around to find a customer for his Torah and only the Jews accepted it in the way he commanded us.
    So now you really believe you find a perfect world some where else?

  21. 1) The problem that causes these people to refrain from the vaccine is that in fact there are possible dangerous side affects such as anaphylaxis, which can be deadly, albeit rare. Also, it is possible to contract a mild form of measles from the vaccine itself (which I assume can cause others to become infected). You can google these facts online. Based on this the problem is one needs to weigh the dangers of vaccinating vs. the potentials of catching the measles. This is where one needs to discuss with gedolim what to do if one is uncertain.
    2) I find is very disturbing that a religious Jew would use such vile language. This is unacceptable behavior.

    There are a lot of variables here that make it difficult to decide. Although, we (my family) vaccinate, I don’t feel that this issue is as cut and dry as the media and others are making it out to be. Something tells me that most of the haters have not invested any time to see if these people have any justification for their views. I believe one can not come to a true opinion until they weigh all the sides out. Otherwise, they are just doing as they’re told.

  22. Farsheedens , TRUMP FAN, Believeme: Totally agree!! The guy says some crazy stuff but the hype and Loshon Hara is off the charts, with the name calling and the condescending attitude in both article and the rest of the comments. SMH.


  24. When will Orthodox Jews understand that to speak in public on these issues and in front of the non-Jewish world, they need to be very well versed in science and medicine? Otherwise, we may be causing a Chullil HaShem.
    P.S. I am neither an Anti-Vaxeer or Pro-Vaxeer, I follow what HaShem tells me through the Torah, our Mesorah and sages. As such, since all of our modern day sages say we should follow proven medical practice and nearly all of the medical professional says vaccinations are necessary and safe, I advocate and have received vaccinations. Any other position that this is not in conformance with Halacha.

  25. Milhouse
    April 11, 2019 9:20 am at 9:20 am

    Bulldozer, he obviously meant the fourth trimester, in which Democrats have recently started supporting abortion.
    You seem to have the same level IQ as Abraham.
    There is no such thing as a 4th trimester either , hence the word “tri” – mester

  26. @Softwords I can’t believe that you the courage and to post a normal comment that’s not full of hate and name calling. What everyone can see is that most people commenting here have never ever seen the vaccine inserts!! The simas chinom that they are causing here is unprecedented and SHAMEFUL! . May we be zoiche to more people like you. And may Hashem open everyone’s eyes before going on a tirade.
    Have a Kosher Pesach

  27. techeles, I don’t think anyone is coming out hating this individual. Many of us truly hate his rhetoric, his lies (based on no valid sources from Medical or Torah grounds), his Chillul Hashem, his sinus chinum towards others. A grave danger to Torah frumkeit and to the safety and security of Jews nationwide, it is pivotal that YWN bring this topic and this individual to the surface. For that, I commend them. There is no machlokes with regards to vaccination.

  28. Its Dr Tawney Buck ,not tony.
    Abraham needs to go back to school and brush up his reading skills and his knowledge of pregnancy trimesters. Maybe he skipped that “fourth semester” in medical school!

  29. Takes2, you’re the one with a sub-freezing IQ. A trimester is a 3-month period. There can be as many of them as you like. And you are either dishonest or have been hiding under a rock, if you deny that the Democrats now officially support abortion in the fourth trimester of pregnancy. I just wonder how long it will take them to support it into the 11th trimester, as Peter Singer does.

  30. who nominated this genius spokesperson for clall yisroel
    in fact who nominated all these yatzmach pirkonueis
    with six antennas on then cars ,three phones
    etcnoted asskonim

  31. @softwords, I’m also impressed with how softly you spoke. We don’t need to agree with each other but we do need to talk respectfully. Hiding behind a computer is no allowance for talking in such ways.
    Personally, I have lost faith in much of the medical system in regards to vaccines. I have one child who cannot get vaccines due to health problems. I have another who had a seizure disorder and shouldn’t have gotten the mmr. The doctors insisted he get it but when we called the vaccine company to confirm the insert info that said that ppl with seizure disorders should not have the vaccine, the doctor didn’t believe it and said we need to follow the schedule and hope for the best. BH nothing happened but thats because it’s a risk, not a guarantee. Just like taking or not taking the vaccine. My other child is allergic to eggs and was told to take the vaccine, eventho she’s anaphylactic and she can do it at the hospital with an epipen handy. I’m sorry, that’s completely irresponsible and dangerous. If the herd immunity is supposed to protect children like mine, they shouldn’t be forced to take it. I’ve learned not to trust the medical advice implicitly between this situation and countless others. That doesn’t mean I don’t trust at all and never go to my dr, it just means I feel I need to do my own research too and go to others I trust as well. Because of this, I don’t look down on anti-vaxxers. Nor do I feel like ppl should be humiliated, hated, vilified, or trashed because they did their own research however “faulty” others may find it. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy yomtov.

  32. Milhouse
    April 11, 2019 3:31 pm at 3:31 pm

    More from “Takes2”: Its Dr Tawney Buck ,not tony.

    Google’s never heard of her either.
    Shes listed alright.
    Maybe try your google in your 15th trimester!

  33. His1,
    I’m sorry your children have a significant negative reaction to vaccinates but everyone else, who does not have a medical reason, should be vaccinated to protect your children; this is medically based and required by halacha. K’Hal Yisrael, please get with the program.

  34. please be aware that isaac has claimed that he is not more than a paramedic!!! Sep 23, 2009 – During the city council campaign, Isaac Abraham claimed to be a paramedic. But according to NY State, Abraham was only a basic level EMT .
    so ?

  35. I’m Satmar and for your information, precious author, we are all pro vaccine, besides for a tiny minority of morons we all oppose. Hisgarus Baumos and Israel is just a crappy bit that doesn’t belong in this article. “Potty-mouth” is good for the New York Slimes. Get a life.