WATCH: Councilman Yeger Re-Opens Boro Park Street Closed By ConEd


NYC Councilman Kalman Yeger got fed up with ConEd blocking a street in his district and tossed their barricades aside. Then he got into it with ConEd on Twitter.

The incident occurred Wednesday at 44th street and 15th Avenue in Borough Park.

ConEd cited several permits it had for work in the area. However, Yeger and the local Community Board (12) responded that the permits did not allow the street to be closed.

As Yeger showed in tweeted photos, ConEd did not even have work crews on scene at the time.


  1. Great Job!
    But lets see him deal with real parking/traffic issues, it’s about time to remove all these containers that are taking away so many paring spots illegally. I guess this is easy free positive press.

  2. I agree with meir G: strike 2.
    We need Con Ed. Con Ed is not an enemy. Why the animosity? A little diplomacy might help traffic more than attacks. By the way, 15th ave and 44 th street is my least favorite block to drive. It seems there are always double parked trucks on both sides of the street.