WATCH THIS: Measles Victim Calls For Mass Vaccination Events in Frum Communities Worldwide


A 55-year-old man named Tzali Friedman recently recovered from the measles in Detroit, and has now gone public with this urgent message.


  1. As I am reading this article, I am standing in line at the Baltimore community’s mass MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccination event. Literally hundreds of members of our kehillah are taking time out from their busy workdays and erev Shabbos hours, to make sure that the one measles case in our city, is the last one. What a kiddush Hashem!

  2. I remember reading one of gedolim referring to Edward Jenner, the English doctor who discovered vaccines, as “a saint.” Does anyone know who said it?

  3. Yep! just imagine if he would have had measles as a child! He would have been immune for life! The vaccine is failing and we are blaming the anti-vax…

    It’s absurd that happening! Research suggests that immunity from vaccines does NOT last more than 10 to 20 years.
    It’s research from Mayo Clinic.

    We need to wake up! If you have measles once you are immune for life!

  4. Measles Song:

    To be sung to the tune of Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel:

    I have a little yingel
    With rash and eye discharge
    I thought that it was nothing
    But my doctor made it large

    He said your kid has measles
    Why didn’t you give shots?
    I told him it’s baloney
    An evil doctors’ plot

    Measles, measles, measles
    I will not immunize
    So what if my neighbors’ kids
    All have pus in their eyes

    My son was exposed to measles
    They said don’t send to school
    I just put him on the bus
    Do they think I’m a fool?

    Board of Health says no school
    Not one of them is Frum
    I just sent him anyway
    How dare you say it’s Krum!

    Chorus: Measles, measles, measles…

    They said immunize your kids
    I answer with contempt
    Don’t bother me with that Shtus
    I’m religiously exempt

    I sent the school a health form
    I said he’s immunized
    When they have an outbreak
    They sure will be surprised

    Chorus: Measles, measles, measles…

    I just don’t get some people
    Who are religious weasels
    Who use their “quote” Frumkeit
    To immunize for measles

    I want to visit Bubby
    Why should I go alone?
    I’ll take my little tzadik
    And expose the nursing home

    Chorus: Measles, measles, measles…

    Sit down at the table
    The family will eat hearty
    As you spread your measles
    At the family Chanukah party

    Be a real good person
    Do not be a miser
    Give your friends and family
    Rashes and coryza

    Chorus: Measles, measles, measles…


  5. The Baltimore Vaad Harabonim is comprised of all the Orthodox Rabbis in that community. Regarding those age 62 and over, the CDC has determined that the vast majority of that pre-vaccine demographic has already been exposed to measles and is therefore immune. If someone is certain that they haven’t been exposed, is a health care worker or immunocompromised, they should get the vaccine or undergo testing.